But what is the debt limit really all about and why is it that the young guns AKA Tea Party conservatives have such a big problem now with the national debt ? Could it be Obama himself ? Or the that they want to shrink the government to a size that can only accommodate white folks. Like Harold Meyerson of The Washington Post seems to think.

The Republicans, that is, have embraced market libertarianism at the very moment that America’s market capitalism is functioning worse than at any time since the Great Depression. Their timing is so perverse that we have to seek explanations for their radicalism that go beyond those of economic philosophy.

Republicans, to be sure, have long waged a war on government, but only now has it become an apocalyptic and total war. At its root, I suspect, is the fear and loathing that rank-and-file right-wingers feel toward what their government, and their nation, is inexorably becoming: multiracial, multicultural, cosmopolitan and now headed by a president who personifies those qualities. That America is also downwardly mobile is a challenge for us all, but for the right, the anxiety our economy understandably evokes is augmented by the politics of racial resentment and the fury that the country is no longer only theirs. That’s not a country whose government they want to pay for — and if the apocalypse befalls us, they seem to have concluded, so much the better.

This has been the case since civil rights was enacted. The idea that their tax money is being used to help non-white folks, makes them positively livid.  And as Mark Osgood Smith says –

Todd and Bruce are getting married. Jose and Consuelo are doing more than cutting lawns and nannying kids. A brother’s in the White House. These are scary times for conservatives accustomed to enforcing an American identity through “benevolent paternalism.” It’s time to take back the country and show who’s in charge, policy be damned.

Is it not any wonder then that the most noise you hear about government spending, entitlements and the dept ceiling is from the most radical of the tea party right ? The ones most xenophobic, anti-gay and covertly and overtly racist ? I’ll be my bottom dollar that McConnell wants Obama out of the WH not because he’s a democrat but because he’s black.

People who were resolutely silent when Bush nearly bankrupted us with two wars.   NO…these people don’t give a wet slap about government spending as long as it says clearly
Whites Only