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The awful truth is that we’re governed by a) incompetents, b) political gangsters, c) aristocrats, d) lap dogs of the rich, or e) all of the above and worse.

The two major political parties have forfeited their capacity to govern. Panicked by the economic disaster that Democrats and Republicans jointly created, they’re unable to solve even the most minor questions, much less questions like war and the depression. They seem only to agree on raises for themselves and for protecting and enhancing their ability to be corrupt.  Polls show that Americans understand that this is a political crisis of the worst kind. 

In a panic, Democrats and Republicans increasingly resort to eyeball to eyeball, highly polarized confrontations. They’re competing for one thing – access to corrupt practices and graft. What distinguishes their increasingly explosive battles is that they’re not issue related, they resemble turf war between rival street gangs more than anything else. We’re the ‘shrooms’, the innocents who pop up in the middle of the battle and get shot by both sides.
Democrats and Republicans have basically the same politics.  
·        The two parties agree on the need for more wars of aggression against weaker nations and peoples to plunder their resources and establish de facto US colonies.  They’re thoughtlessly unconcerned about the tens of thousands of GIs and millions of innocent civilians killed, wounded and shattered in their growing list of invasions and occupations. The US Embassy in Baghdad is vast, more like a colonial administrative center than an embassy. The size of Vatican City, it has 21 buildings on 104 acres, and is staffed by well over 5,000 colonial administrators.  
·        They agree on a broad program of artificially maintaining high levels of unemployment/underemployment, union busting, job export and a variety of measures to drive down workers standard of living. 
·        They agree on the need to import workers and the policies to bash them.  
·        They agree on the assault on the Bill of Rights and the passage of repressive laws. Both oppose passage of ENDA or a tough CRA and both cringe at the thought of opposing Bill Clintons DOMA. 
·        Both stridently oppose socialized medicine and the restoration of social programs to cushion the appalling effects of the economic catastrophe they created with job exports, union busting and deregulation.
What are we to make of the fact that their bickering could lead to a government default, a shutdown and a much deeper, global depression? Just this. Their incredibly cavalier approach is beyond reckless and marks them as unfit to govern. Their irresponsibility is beyond negligent, it’s criminal. 
And this is not the end of it. These are the scum, Democrats and Republicans, who brought you the criminal policies that created the current depression, six (and counting) wars, the Paytriot Act, FISA, deregulation, a health care nightmare, union busting, massive and permanent unemployment and mounting poverty.  Their actions endanger the health and livelihoods of all workers.
They are not going to change and they are not going to permit ‘reforms’. ‘Sharing’ power with these criminals and asking them to ‘reform’ themselves are pipe dreams. In our own defense, and to prevent further depredations we have to reject both parties – Democrats and Republicans alike – and to build coalitions of mass movements with open ended campaigns of mass action, workers political parties, as opposed to futile reformist parties and an agenda aimed the creation of a workers government.

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Bill Perdue

Bill Perdue