On Fatigue, In General

I haven’t published in nearly two weeks. It’s not that I have a shortage of material to write about – it’s actually the opposite. I have to continue and finish my far right series and I want to write about ALEC working with Republicans and plutocrats to sell out the whole idea of democracy.

Several days ago in the comments of “The Breaking Point”, Jane used the term “outrage fatigue”. That struck a chord with me, and really clarified what it was I was feeling that made it more difficult for me to write. Sometimes so many things are happening that drive me nuts that I just feel completely overwhelmed and stop looking at the news for a few days.

Between my outrage fatigue and personal stuff (anyone have a job for me?) I’ve just been running on empty.

I’m coming out of one of those periods now and I feel like writing again. For now what I’m doing is making a list of things that have me on outrage fatigue lately. Hopefully this will cathartically release me from the burden of my outrage fatigue and then I can write again for christsakes.

– The Minnesota government is shut down. It is now summer, in Minnesota, and I can’t go to a state park, or stop at a highway rest area on my way up north to the cabin, or get a fishing license, or renew my driver’s license. Seriously, our summer weather is like five months at best up here. Not being able to go to state parks is just crippling this time of year. Additionally, if the shutdown drags out a few months longer there is a real possibility that my driver’s license, my only legal state ID, will expire and there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it. At least I have a valid passport 😛

– Syria is still in bloody chaos. So are Yemen and Bahrain. The lack of coverage of Bahrain, even from AJE, is very disconcerting. This goes hand in hand with that Zogby poll that came out saying that the views of the U.S. in the Middle East are even worse today than under Bush.

At least the Egyptians are getting somewhere other than the autocrats winning outright.

– I don’t know if you heard about this yet or not, but the President wants to destroy Social Security. And AARP wants to go along with them (presumably to create a lucrative new market for “supplemental insurance” to seniors). If you haven’t seen this you should check it out. /s

– President passes what he calls a landmark health care bill. Part of said bill is expanding eligibility for Medicaid and encouraging states to enroll more people. Then the same President wants to cut funding to the states for Medicaid, leaving broke states to either cut their funding or bear more of the burden themselves. Awesome, and standard.

– Austerity in general. Italy is now getting in on it, too.

– East Africa is in the middle of a massive drought, forcing people into refugee camps and putting the way of life that millions of pastoral people rely on in jeopardy. And I see absolutely nobody talking about it in this here part of the world.

– With the release of the full alleged Lamo-Manning chat logs yesterday we have learned that we cannot trust Wired magazine at all. It’s pretty clear that they lied about why they withheld the full logs. Disappointing.

– The Republicans running for President. What’s that you said Rick Perry? No human judgment or thinking required? Fantastic, that sounds easy. Nothing could possibly go wrong with the “let’s all rely on a figment of Rick Perry’s imagination” plan. Yeah, I know that Perry isn’t actually running for President (yet). He’s moving the conversation, though, eh?

– Books in Arabic are stupidly expensive.

And now I’m out – until probably later today with another piece if my energy level stays up!

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There is no war but the class war – hunaaka laa Harb lakin al-Harb al-Tabaqah

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