As one and all know by now, the Emptywheel blog is leaving Firedoglake. But, before we leave, I have a few things to say in parting.

First, thanks to Jane Hamsher, a remarkable woman who has built a first class enterprise at FDL that melds together disparate and critical elements necessary for an informed mind in a troubled world. I have been honored to learn from, and work with, Jane over the last several years. The same goes for each and every one of the colleagues, both present and past, I have had the fortune to be associated with while at FDL. They are all, quite simply, some of the most remarkable and wonderful people I have ever met.

I would also like to wish Kevin Gosztola and Jeff Kaye, the former who I look forward to getting to know, and the latter who I know quite well, the best of luck in their new section at FDL, The Dissenter. May the wind be at their backs; and I hope you will all give them the attention and participation their work does, and will, deserve. They are both very good.

As for all our loyal readers and commenters, the warmth and love you have shown us over the years and in the post announcing the move is nothing short of stunning and humbling. A great many of you came with us here from The Next Hurrah and, well, I both hope and expect to see you nearly uninterrupted at the new digs; and I think you will be quite comfortable with them. So, while parting with FDL is tremendously hard, there is going to be an exciting new day for both us and them.

Again, to both colleagues and readers, it has been an extreme honor and pleasure to have spent the last many years with you at Firedoglake. I cannot thank one and all enough for everything.

Happy trails pardners. Second star to the right and straight on till morning!