BAHRAIN:  Shiites reiterate call for majority-led government

Agence Presse France reports today that Bahrain’s main Shiite opposition bloc has reiterated its demand for a government led by the parliamentary majority, in a statement released after a dispute during a national dialogue.

“The solution to the political crisis is through the acceptance of (its) demands,” and that “any other option would only deepen the crisis,” the Islamic National Accord Association (Al-Wefaq) said in a statement on Tuesday. MORE


iflizwerequeen comments on Majority Rule in USA:

Imagine that!  The majority in Bahrain demand that they lead the parliament.  Maybe a few people from Bahrain could come over to the USA and teach us a lesson about majority rule since 20% of the American people rule 80% of us.  Twenty percent of the American people earn over $100,000 a year.  Five percent of that group earn in excess of $180,000 a year which includes all of Congress. (Thanks to the generosity of the American taxpayer).  Almost half of Congress (44%) are millionaires, working hard for their stock portfolios and Wall Street profits.  One percent of the population of the USA are millionaires.

We Do Not Have Majority Rule in the USA

By what majority do these millionaires in the USA rule? They rule by 51-52% of the slightly less than 50% of eligible voters in the USA who do vote.

So we can rather safely say that we are ruled (regardless the party) by approximately 25% of the majority who do vote.

It would be interesting to see what would transpire if voting were mandatory for all citizens over the age of 18.  This isn’t a radical idea.  Many countries have compulsory laws for voting:  Australia, Brazil, Belgium to name a few.

But expect screeches and yelps from the rich on this point as the LAST thing they want is a majority rule.  Just ask ACORN. Before anyone goes off on a tangent about the “evil Republicans.”  Remember that ACORN, a nonprofit organization whose only “crime” was to empower the poor by registering them to vote, was defunded when we had  a Democratic majority in BOTH houses.  Only 7 senators had the guts to stand up to that travesty (and five of the seven are not millionaires–coincidence?  I doubt it.)

Liz Berry

Liz Berry

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