In response to Edger:  Questioning growth: “ I want you to image a world”

At the start of the Iraq invasion a popular slogan repeatedly uttered from the right was “we will fight them over there, so we will not have to fight them over here!” Keep in mind that Iraq did not attack us in any way and they were not involved with those who did; we agreed to turn their country (the streets where they live and raise their children) into a battle field to fight an enemy we had to import (lure) to their home. During the video “Collateral Murder” one of the pilots of Crazy Horse 18 declared after shooting up a van with 2 children in it; “he should not have have brought his kids to a battle.” It never crossed his pea brain that we deliberately turn their whole country into a battle field to fight a third party.

Faces of Climate Change
What does the above have to do with climate change? The  two images (maps) in Edger’s post compare the vast disproportional number of deaths (500 times) the human beings of the poorer countries will suffer compared to the industrialized countries. Like Iraq the so-called third world (global south) will pay the price for our success. As we arbitrarily (oil not withstanding) picked an innocent bystander country to fight our war in, we make billions of our fellow human beings in the undeveloped parts of the world pay with their very lives to maintain “our way of life!”


To Jane and Bill; Yes, I know I said I was leaving. My stuff (ideas and bull shit) are packed in my beat-up  old  cyber- car (rust bucket that it is) and I shall make my way over to the Daily Kos to deal with that little weasel Markos.

I may find myself surrounded by  Obama loving yes men/women, but at least I shall have my pride (its a guy thing)!