Unsure of how to post a comment at MyFDL or on any post? You’ve come to the right place…Here is this weeks “Tools of the Trade” Post.

It is very exciting that more and more people are becoming active at MyFDL. The site cannot go on without many of your brilliant posts and article links, along with comments to help bolster interest. It is one thing to write a great post, and another to carry on the conversation; both are needed. This is what comments do, they foster a conversation, and bring life to posts.


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Steps to posting a comment on FDL:

1. Click on the ‘MyFDL’ link at the very top, right hand corner of the screen.

2. Scroll down on the right of the screen where you can sign in. If you do not have an account, create one!
(Note: If you already have an account then you can just click login to comment on the post that you wish to comment on)

3. Once you are logged in or signed up, you can post on any article that you choose.

4. There are two options for commenting:
a) You can leave a comment  at the bottom of the current comments in the open box, that does not relate to any other comment, and is NEW.
b) You can click ‘reply’ next to a specific comment that you want to address.

Tips for comments:

1. You can be aggressive, but be respectful of others and their views. Otherwise, people will be hostile with you and it will make for bad blogging.
2. End your comment with a question, either to an individual, or to the site at large.
3. Back up your comment. Comments are just like posts, they should be factual. Include links if necessary.
4. Be specific. Do no make large ambiguous comments that may address an overall issue, but not the points of the post.
5. Quote passages. It is better to address a certain aspect of a post or comment rather than the post’s at large.
6. Think of it as a conversation.

Overall, have fun with this. We want people to enjoy their time at FDL, while receiving independent news and offering their important insight.

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Ryan Cook

Ryan Cook