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While we’ll be really sorry to see them go, we’re delighted that the Emptywheel folks are going to be entering a new and exciting era as they start their own blog. Marcy has built a loyal following for her excellent work covering civil liberties issues over the years, and she totally deserves every bit of success she has had. The ability to build their own site will be an exciting next chapter for the emptywheel folks, and I know I’m not the only one who looks forward to seeing the longer pieces that Marcy is able to produce when she takes a step back from the relentless pace of the news cycle.

The other new beginning we’ll be celebrating shortly is the launch of the new civil liberties-oriented blog by Kevin Gosztola and Jeff Kaye called The Dissenter.  Kevin’s excellent coverage of civil liberties issues over at MyFDL has shown everyone what a superb journalist he is, and he joins FDL as a staff writer this week.  He’ll be sharing the The Dissenter space with Jeff Kaye, whose superb work on torture has become essential reading for the FDL community since he joined us.

Nobody will ever replace Marcy and bmaz, either in terms of their excellent content or in our hearts, but we look forward to the coverage of civil liberties issues that Jeff and Kevin will continue to provide on The Dissenter.   So stop by the emptywheel shop and let them know how much you appreciate their fine work over the years, and join us in wishing them all the best.   And check out Kevin’s liveblog of the House Judiciary Committee hearing on ‘Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers this morning. Marcy has set a powerful precedent when it comes to the liveblogging tradition on FDL over the years, and I have no doubt he’ll shine.

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