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Let’s face it: Liberals are presumed to be somewhat libertine. After all, we support LGBT rights, legalization of marijuana, abortion rights, birth control, equal rights. You know, the whole gamut of whatever conservatives claim is responsible for everything that’s wrong with this country.

And sometimes conservative values can make for some interesting offspring.

Take the lovely 20-something above, Christina Fallin, the daughter of Oklahoma’s first woman governor, conservative Mary Fallin, who ran on the values of “Faith, Family, and Freedom,” and whose husband Wade Christensen has received $1.9 million in federal farm subsidies. Gov. Fallin divorced her first husband in 1998, during her second term as Oklahoma’s lieutenant governor (she was the first woman to hold that office in Oklahoma’s history and later only the second woman Oklahomans ever elected to US Congress) amid rumors of an affair with her her bodyguard, who resigned over “improper conduct.”

Newlywed Christina Fallin-Bacon–named August’s “Girl of the Month” by Twenty-Something Magazine–certainly exemplifies her mom’s motto:  Daughter = “family;” dancing in a transparent dress in the Governor’s Mansion=”freedom;” and “faith” — in her looks. Oh golly, I hope Christina tries to be a reality teevee star!

But in a shocking update: Just before La Figa press time, Christina’s video was “removed by user” from Twenty-Something Magazine’s YouTube feed. Oh why? She rolled on the ground, she pouted her lacquered carmine lips while mincing in flashy platform stilletos, she whirled in a diaphanous white dress (well more like a sheer nylon curtain with a belt, but points for trying) that revealed her black underpinnings.  Ah, youth!

But you’ll be able to view Ms. Fallin-Bacon in all her peroxide glory in August’s edition, coming soon to OK newsstands and thankfully, the interwebs.

(Oh, and do check out how Mumsy let Christina use the Governor’s Mansion as a backdrop for her pseudo-Lady Gaga/Courtney Love-esque photo spread!)



[H/T  Oklahoma Truth Council]

Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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