Americans Don’t See Failure to Raise the Debt Ceiling as a Crisis

Slightly more Americans see raising the debt limit as a bigger concern than forcing a default of the United States Government, according to Pew.

Currently, 47% say their greater concern is that raising the debt limit would lead to higher government spending and make the national debt bigger, while 42% say their greater concern is that not raising the limit would force the government into default and hurt the economy. This represents a change in the balance of opinion since May, when more expressed concern over raising the debt limit (48%) than said their greater concern was the prospect of a government default (35%).



The Obama Administration seems fairly proud of their current performance and think they are politically winning the debate over the debt ceiling right now by appearing to be more reasonable and the “only adult in the room.”

These poll numbers though, make it seem like far too little has been done to explain to regular people what is actually going on in the debate and what is at stake. Obama’s maneuverings are winning praise from some beltway pundits but it could be having very different effect on regular people are not pay close attention to the debate.

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