Once again, Obama is ready to compromise away OUR Social Security. The “line in the sand” that Rep. Cleaver (D-Mo.) saw back in early April did get blown away by all of the corporation-purchased Obama hot air. He’s offered to cut Social Security by raising the benefit age to 67.

Obama continues to follow the Corporate/Republican line and repeats the lie that Social Security is a government expense and that by reducing benefits from Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and other worthy social programs we will THEN be doing our part in sharing in the cost of reducing our national debt.  “Our” current National debt cap is at 14.3 trillion dollars to be reached in August. Part of this debt is what the General Fund of the United States owes to OUR Social Security Fund. This is 2.6 trillion dollars which has been “borrowed” by the government to fund wars of aggression for the benefit of the greedy war profiteering corporations and banks while the greediest pay little or no taxes.

Does it make any sense to have armed forces that can only be equaled by the next most powerful 15 nations in the world combined? It does when the corporations get richer from the wars and when “We, The People” are paying for it.

Does it make any sense to “borrow” 2.6 trillion dollars from our Social Security Fund which takes in roughly $800 billion dollars a year and pays out roughly $700 billion dollars in benefits? It does when you are claiming that Social Security is almost broke and continual world-wide war, which some of these funds support , will make more money for the Fat Cats.

Does it make sense to ship millions of jobs to China and pink-slip millions of “We, The People? The answer again is more outrageous profits for the greediest of the greedy.

Giving away our Social Security, Medicaid and other programs is not in the interest of “We, The People”.

What is needed is a vast re-appraisal of our priorities as a nation. Our government is supposed to serve us, not the GREED of the richest corporations and individuals.

Raise the national debt ceiling. Pull our children out of the too many wars of aggression. Raise taxes for the greediest of the greedy to pre-Reagan levels. Drastically cut the largest expense that we have…our bloated military budget. (No, our largest expense isn’t social programs. It is WAR.)

The plan to give away our social programs is OUTRAGEOUS !

The statements made that Social Security is not self-supporting is a LIE !

Jon Larsen

Jon Larsen

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