For some reason I am not able to respond further on my original post of the same title so I am giving this the same title but as “Part 2.”

First of all I want to respond to Joel Clemmer who posted last claiming that the Minnesota Health Act as authored by John Marty is “single-payer;” it is not as anyone who takes the time to read it can readily determine.

In fact, Clemmer admits this legislation hinges on it being “affordable.”

I find it very interesting Joel Clemmer continues his deceit in pushing this legislation as single-payer by claiming that it is “affordable.”

Clemmer charges that I am lying about how much the Minnesota Health Act will cost Minnesotans by claiming my figure of $750.00 a month for a family of four whose income is $30,000.00 a year is wrong.

Well, if Joel Clemmer can state with certainty to such an extent to accuse me of telling lies about how much the monthly premium will be— why doesn’t Mr. Clemmer just come forward here and tell us how much the Minnesota Health Act will be costing Minnesotans in monthly premiums?

Certainly Mr. Clemmer must have a complete schedule of how much monthly payments will be— come on Mr. Clemmer, let us have the truth from you.

In fact, there is grounds for Mr. Clemmer to say that I am not telling the truth about how much the monthly premiums will be for Minnesotans because, as Mr. Clemmer knows, I am using the lowest of the calculations!

In fact, the bill’s author, State Senator John Marty, released a list of scheduled stops for a tour he was going to undertake promoting this fraudulent single-payer scheme but when I issued a press release stating that I intended to be at each and every one of his stops asking him to explain the costs of this “affordable” health care plan of his he quickly cancelled the entire tour.

Joel Clemmer is not a supporter of single-payer universal health care. Joel Clemmer is a supporter of “affordable” health care— the two are not one and the same and they can’t be the same.

In fact, John Marty schemed to create health care legislation that would fit in with Obama’s “Affordable Health Act.”

Interesting but Joel Clemmer calls me a “liar” for using the $750.00 a month figure but in calling me a liar he refuses to publish the real monthly costs to Minnesotans under the Minnesota Health Act.

Who would be so stupid and so dishonest to push a piece of legislation calling it affordable without telling people exactly what they will be paying?

I do thank Joel Clemmer for coming on here calling me a liar but admitting that the Progressive Democrats of America support State Senator John Marty’s “affordable” Minnesota Health Act.”

Now let us have Tim Carpenter come on here and explain why he sent out an e-mail proclaiming the Minnesota Health Act to be “single-payer.”

Did Tim Carpenter read the legislation before proclaiming Marty’s legislation as single-payer?

As Joel Clemmer will attest, Tim Carpenter did proclaim this legislation to be single-payer because I sent a copy of Tim Carpenter’s e-mail to Joel Clemmer and I personally delivered my response along with Tim Carpenter’s email to Minnesota State Senator John Marty and to each and every Minnesota State Legislator and/or their legislative assistants at their offices.

I also submitted my response refuting this legislation to be single-payer; but, I also disputed it as being “affordable.”

Now since Joel Clemmer has acknowledged that PDA supports this legislation we need to hear from PDA’s Tim Carpenter as to how much Minnesotans will have to pay for this legislation in premiums every single month.

In fact, and here is the hilarious part— I mean this is bend over laughing not being able to catch your breath hilarious— right now the state of Minnesota is in shut-down because it can’t pay its bills and the shut-down is being used as a bludgeon to beat down state public employees until they agree to pay more of their health care costs and higher co-pays— and here we have Joel Clemmer one of the major proponents of this most reactionry “Minnesota Health Act” claiming that the state is going to see to it that the poor are going to be taken care of at a time when even most of the Democrats who Joel Clemmer (along with PDA) backs are touting raising additional revenues by expanding sales taxes of food and clothing and increasing property taxes— all of which “Mr. Affordable” Clemmer supports along with his buddy John Marty.

How the hell is a state on the verge of bankruptcy going to pay health care premiums for over 200,000 poverty stricken Minnesotans?

Since all of these prominent leaders of PDA are commenting except for Tim Carpenter and Minnesota State Senator John Marty with everyone from PDA calling me a liar and insisting I show the facts and the longer this discussion goes on the more comes out that those who are calling me a liar are themselves the liars we really do need to have:

1. Tim Carpenter explain the basis for him sending out the e-mail— so far we have only heard from his co-workers claiming they know nothing about the e-mail even though there is the admission that I responded to it AT THE TIME— months ago.

2. We need to hear directly from Minnesota State Senator John Marty as to just how much monthly premiums will be with an income breakdown for his Minnesota Health Act.

I think at this point after Joel Clemmers posting there are many people who want to now know just what constitutes “affordable” in the eyes of PDA.

Remember, Joel Clemmer who has worked closely with State Senator John Marty on this is right here on record proclaiming me to be a “liar” for stating $750.00 a month but he refuses to give us what the figure really is.

Clemmer calls me a liar but he refuses to state the “truth;” what an interesting way of calling someone a liar.

Why is anyone asking me to provide the e-mail that Tim Carpenter sent out supporting the Marty legislation as single-payer when it is from Tim Carpenter not his surrogates they should be asking to provide this e-mail?

Alan Maki

Alan Maki