Even back in the days when I still called myself conservative, I couldn’t stand Greg Gutfeld. My exposure to him was limited to a few articles of his I stumbled across… I believe in The Weekly Standard and/or The American Spectator. Gutfeld apparently interned under R. Emmett Tyrrell at the Spectator, which figures; Tyrell writes like a sub-Mencken, while Gutfeld writes like a sub-Tyrell. Gutfeld just makes matters worse by adding his own brand of unfunny fratboy-style humor. What else would one expect from someone who has worked as an editor at awful lad mags like Stuff and Maxim?

I only saw glimpses of his FOX News program “Red Eye,” which struck me as a bad right-wing take on “RealTime with Bill Maher.” It seemed like the show was tailor-made for drunk college Republicans.

Nowadays, I don’t watch any TV at all, but even if I did, I couldn’t stomach the idea of watching Gurfeld’s new FOX program, “The Five.” Here’s how its debut episode was summarized by Media Matters:

Fox News’ The Five, launched as a “new weekday program” to fill the time slot previously held by Glenn Beck, debuted with a barrage of sexist stereotypes, including comparing government spending to spendthrift wives, discussing whether Sarah Palin could be elected “based just on her hotness,” and asking a female panelist whether she was “looking for a sugar daddy.”
Not surprisingly, the most sexist comments come from wannabe fratboy Gutfeld himself, who says things such as President Obama is “like your wife running around with your credit cards.” Because, you know, womenfolk never have their own credit cards.
As a sidenote, the weird right-wing newspaper Human Events once wrote an article about Greg Gutfeld hailing him as a “Cool Conservative.” That really says something about conservative notions of coolness.
Brandon Bosworth

Brandon Bosworth