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Dilma Rouseff was elected October 31, 2010 as the official presidential candidate for the Workers Party, defeating Jose Serra, the candidate for the center-right opposition. It was expected that she would represent the poor, the working class and the youth.  Had this been true, she would have been among the few world leaders who do.  Brazil stands on the brink of becoming a world-class nation.  Lately it is beginning to look like Brazil will become another colonial outpost for Wall Street. [Brazil Gets Ready for the Olympics by Getting Rid of those Troublesome Poor FolksRemoving Poverty in Brazil]

The Committee to Protect Journalists [CPJ] reported that on June 15, Edinaldo Filgueira, 36, founder and director of the local newspaper was shot six times by three men on a motorcycle. Filgueira was also the regional director of the ruling Workers Party and wrote a blog on which he criticized political adversaries.

According to local press reports, Filgueira had recently published a critical poll on the performance of the local government on his blog, after which he received death threats. The police said they believe the crime was motivated by Filgueira’s journalism .

The good news is that five suspects in his murder were arrested a few days ago (July 8, 2011).  The bad news is that CPJ’s Impunity Index shows that the murders of five journalist have remained unsolved over the past 10 years in Brazil.


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More and more it seems that a very good case can be made for the possibility that many candidates who claim that they will “fight for the people” end up being the ones who lead the fight AGAINST the people.  It’s enough to make one wonder if these people were not plants from the other side from the beginning.

Liz Berry

Liz Berry

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