Thank God for Republicans, at least one Party in Washington believes in the principles and rhetoric that got them elected. The Republicans are there to protect the rich and the stupid. To every one’s surprise, they are sticking to there corrupt principles.

Conversely, the “Democrats” and their Manchurian Republican Leader(Obama) has capitulated, compromised, and surrendered every principle that got them elected. Now these Poverty Pimps and Corporate Whores have been exposed as worthless politicians. Thanks God for the Republicans, their ignorance and Right Wing insanity is doing the country a favor. The polls favor “Democrats”,  80% – 20% favor increasing taxes over cutting Medicare and Social Security, but the sleazy “Democrats” and Obama have offered the Republicans a deal with 83% cuts and 17% tax increases. Yet the corrupt  principled Republicans rejected the deal. 

President Obama came to the surrender on one knee with sword and principles in hand but there isn’t a Republican willing to accept his surrender. The Republicans want his sword, principles, and first born. If the Republicans continue to play hardball, Obama will give them anything and everything because this surrender has now become about Obama’s political survival. Obama offered “Democratic” core values to the Republicans in exchange for pitiful tax increases to triangulate Centrist Independents. Now Obama has to get a deal or all he has left is an angry “Democratic” base. 

The really sick part is the President that uses any argument (“Killer Robot War” isn’t a “hostile action” )  to  protect  his  Libyan insanity but he won’t use the 14th Amendment argument to end this artificial debt ceiling crisis. Clearly, Obama values his “Triangulation Strategy” above Medicare, Social Security, and “Democratic” Party core values. Above all else, Obama wants to cover his political right from Mitt Romney’s national debt argument. Now Obama has his left flank exposed, and Mitt Romney still has the national debt argument.

Watch out America, the real fun starts now. We have a desperate President, a principled corrupt Republican opposition, and a sleazy worthless “Democratic” Party. Internal Republican politics almost guarantees no tax increases or “reasonable” debt ceiling deal. Either the President uses his Constitutional authority or the “Democrats”  completely capitulate. Either result is great for Progressives, we either get pass this artificial crisis without cuts to Medicare and Social Security or Obama and “Democrats” commit political suicide and totally throw the American middle class under the bus.

I predict the Poverty Pimps and Corporate Whores will throw the middle class under the bus. And if we are lucky, the “Democratic” Party outside of Washington will start the process to primary every worthless Washington whore starting with Barack Obama. If the Republicans hold their ground, we may get a “Democratic” presidential challenger soon. Even the “Democratic” Party doesn’t want to see their President crawling down Pennsylvania Ave on his hands and knees begging Republicans to save his worthless political ass. Thank God for the Republicans.

Bin Quick

Bin Quick