Al Jazeera reports this morning that the Syrian opposition boycott a meeting in Damascus which the Syrian government says is to discuss a framework for dialogue on reform.

Syria has opened a “national dialogue” that it hailed as a step towards multi-party democracy after five  decades of Baath party rule. The government said the discussions would include a new media law but the credibility of Sunday’s talks appeared to have been undermined by an opposition boycott.

Al Jazeera’s correspondent, Rula Amin, reported from Beirut, “We have to remember that whoever is there came on an invitation from the government.  MORE


iflizwerequeen comments

Good!  Hurrah for the bravery of the Syrian people.  Like the people from Bahrain, they are facing torture and death for the stand that they are taking for their freedom and dignity.  They are not accepting the BS rhetoric churned out by the spin masters sponsored by their leaders. I hope that Americans, who face no immediate threat to their lives, will have the courage to stand up to the farce that BOTH parties are playing out today over the debt ceiling–a farce that is supported by the mainstream media spin masters of the USA.  There are many other solutions to solving the debt other than punishing those from our society who can least afford it by cutting social security and medicare.

I hope that in 2012 more Americans have the sense to turn away from BOTH parties.

Liz Berry

Liz Berry