We queers tried to tell you: having President Fierce Advocate on your side wasn’t a winning play.

Would a Fierce Advocate of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans really invite ex-gay gospel fraud Donnie McClurkin to campaign for him? Would our Fierce Advocate really request Pastor Rick™ Warren to invoke at his inauguration? Would any Fierce Advocate allow the Prop 8 liars to use his words and image unchallenged in their hate campaign to strip same-sex couples of our civil rights? Would a Fierce Advocate of our equality really allow his Justice Department to compare our families to incest?

No, he would not.

We were your canary in the coalmine, America. We tried to tell you that no Fierce Advocate would treat those whose rights he fiercely advocated the way this Fierce Advocate treated our families, our rights, our lives.

And now the Grand Bargain arrives, surprise!

First, they came for the gay veterans.
He didn’t fight hard; he wasn’t gay.
Next, they came for the immigrants.
He didn’t fight hard; he wasn’t “illegal.”
Next, they came for the trade unionists.
He didn’t fight hard; he no longer belonged to a union.
Next, they came for Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.
He didn’t fight hard; he wasn’t poor.
But finally they came for him,
and there was nobody willing to fight hard for him.
-Dan Choi

Fierce Advocate now wants a spiffy Grand Bargain to undermine and eventually destroy the foundational programs of the New Deal and the Great Society: Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. And now Fierce Advocate is enmeshed in Village-speak about the deficit, the debt, and spending, so he happily rolls out his Grand Bargain: just like his Fierce Advocacy for LGBT Americans.

When there’s no one left to advocate fiercely for the Fierce Advocate, who does he expect to buoy his vaunted, precious re-election? Whose fierce advocacy does Fierce Advocate expect to have in 2012? Women? The poor? Immigrant citizen families? Gays and lesbians? Children? Disabled Americans? Senior citizens whose guaranteed income is being stripped from them?

Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge