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How dare the millionaires in Congress speak of “shared sacrifice”

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Here’s a pie for Obama and Congress and their pseudo debt ceiling “sacrifices”.  No, that brown stuff is not chocolate.

Harry Reid in a statement to the press yesterday said that “We asked Republicans to consider a balanced approach that would have required shared sacrifice, but they would not.”

First of all let’s get one thing straight. When Senator Reid and others from BOTH parties of the 44% Wall Street millionaire dominated Congress speak of “shared sacrifice”, they are not speaking of any sacrifice on their part or on the part of any member of Congress.  All members of Congress, even those few who are not multimillionaires, belong to the upper 5% of the wealthiest people in our nation.  [Any American who earns in excess of $180,000 a year is in the upper 5% bracket.]

They will not be the ones making the sacrifices for the pseudo “debt ceiling” sideshow.  It will be the people in our society who can least afford it.  It won’t be people who are paid salaries by the taxpayers of $174,000 a year plus extras and benefits in excess of $20,000.  It will be people, many of whom get by on $1,000 a month.  The “sacrifices” that these people make won’t be skipping a golf game (one out of 10 a month).  The “sacrifices” that these people make won’t be buying that $100 bottle of wine instead of the $350 bottle of wine.  The sacrifices that these people make will be sacrifices like going hungry, going without needed medicine.  And it won’t just be Seniors.  Children are included in this assault by the rich as well.  Our Congress consists of hideous monsters who have lost touch with their humanity.  Few, if any of them, deserve re-election.

The 261 millionaire pigs and the rest of Congress who want to cut social security and medicare and dip their greedy Wall Street tainted fingers into the coffers of the people won’t be giving up a damn thing.  They will be given the opportunity to enrich themselves even more at the expense of those in our society who can least afford it.

For people like Reid to even suggest that is is a “shared sacrifice” is beyond insult to the majority of the American people–the 80% of us who earn less than $100,000 a year.

Hell yes this is a class war.  I hope that the people in the USA wake up to the fact that we are the majority.  We can turn our backs on BOTH parties and elect Independents in 2012.  We control 80% of the vote.

That’s right. 20% of Americans earn more than $100,000 a year.  80% of us don’t and we are the ones  in control of the votes.  Let’s start working now to put candidates in office who will represent the majority.  Let’s start putting candidates in office who are less concerned with their own personal wealth and more concerned with the well-being of the majority of the American people.

My God!  We have 13 members of Congress who place bets against the country they were elected to support.  What more proof do the American people need before they realize that Congress does NOT represent the majority?

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Liz Berry

Liz Berry