Saving one animal will not change the world but it will change the world for that animal.


I had a claw trimmer that I really liked for years and it lived on the dining table with all the other junk I pile up there. There were times I’d find it on the floor and wondered when it would disappear under something. Some months ago it happened. I’ve fished under everything to no avail and had to go out and buy a new one. PetsMart now has a company that provides cat products exclusively to them. Whisker City makes all kinds of stuff (in China, as if ya didn’t know). So I bought one of these to replace my old one. The handle part is twice as long as my old one and a little clunkier to use. Friday night I walk into the kitchen and there is my old claw trimmer laying in the middle of the floor. Weird things happen when ya live with tigers.


I’m beginning to wonder if Sita may have been subjected to discipline involving hands. I’ll be petting her and all of a sudden she’ll grab my forearm with both front paws and bite the livin’ hell out of me. I scold her and 5 minutes later she’s back head bumping my hand or leg and wanting attention. *sigh* Patience, grasshopper, with consistent behaviour on my part she’ll settle down in time. She has gotten into the habit of getting in bed about an hour before the alarm goes off. Most times I’m unaware of her but Saturday morning she went to step on my arm and didn’t get a good footing and that paw slid down my arm and I’ve got 3 grooves in me arm as a result. That woke me up. Blood all over the damn place.


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Yeah, I know, this is a post about cats but this goggie is too cute and talented to pass up.

Yer gonna wear dat to da weddin’? Srsly?

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What is well planted cannot be uprooted.
What is well embraced cannot slip away.
Your descendants will carry on the ancestral sacrifice for generations without end.

Cultivate Virtue in your own person,
And it becomes a genuine part of you.
Cultivate it in the family,
And it will abide.
Cultivated it in the community,
And it will live and grow.
Cultivate it in the state,
And if will flourish abundantly.
Cultivate it in the world,
And it will become universal.

Hence, a person must be judged as person;
A family as family;
A community as community;
A state as state;
The world as world.

How do I know about the world?
By what is within me.

Tao Te Ching, 54, Lao Tzu

Ever seen a mandala?