The writing is on the wall.  In fact, the writing was on the wall before Obama even won the election.  He is not a progressive.  He is not a liberal.  He is a politician who serves the corporate powers that placed him in office.   He does not serve the people. 

He is not negotiating with Republicans.  He is going through the necessary theatre to convince the populace that he is ceding away their safety nets, environmental protections, labor rights, and government protections as a matter of necessity.  It is pure bullshit.  

The democrats controlled three branches of government and they acted as operatives for the private health insurance companies, the oil companies, the military industrial complex, and the big banks.   I am fully convinced Obama wanted a loss of control of Congress for his own reelection chances.  Mighty difficult to pretend you have to cede every important principle and election promise when your own party maintains full control of the government.  The democrats failed utterly to represent the American people, they lost the mid-terms, and this was scripted as a sign that the people actually wanted MORE corporate/military/wealth friendly policies.  Not only did Obama gain the cover of needing to capitulate to the supposedly ‘right wing agenda’  (actually his own agenda imposed upon him by his corporate donor benefactors) with one of the branches now in the ‘opposition’s control.  He was able to spin the loss as a need to further betray not only his base, but the entire American populace.

The President and democratic leadership are fully aware that they don’t serve at the pleasure of the people, they serve at the pleasure of those who buy the election cycles.  It benefits the wealth and corporate power structure to maintain political representatives who will be able to foist their policies of greed and dominion over the people while tamping down the possibility of a grassroots and revolutionary backlash to their slimey dictates.  Policies that would be universally decried under a Republican administration by the democratic base are accepted, sometimes defended, and worse yet, even advocated for under the Obama administration.  The creation of candidate Obama was a brillinant corporate coup…the perfect way to stem the anger of the American people after the eight year nightmare of Bush.  The face of change with zero change.  People gobbled it up. 

It was obvious as soon as Obama appointed his first Presidential cabinet what had really just occurred.  The corporate power structure had placed a representative in power who not only served to diffuse the anger and hunger for change in the populace, but also had a political leader who would make it politically feasible to implement policies and laws that would have been heavily resisted under a Republican’s charge.  Even after two plus years of continuous demostrations of political alliance and favor for the corporate wealth and against the benefit of the American citizenry, Obama still retains credibility (albeit weakend) among many of the traditional democratic base. He is still able to keep the people preoocupied and divided enough to stem any true united movement against the political power structure.   There has been no real liberal/progressive challenge to the Obama presidency, he faces no threat at the current moment of any third party challenger within the democratic party, and there is no Bernie Sanders type politician who is stepping in to challenge him independently.  He has been able to tamp down any real challenge to his Presidency and political doctrine from any liberal source, and now he only faces a weak and extremist field of right wing idealogues who will be sure to motivate enough of his prior supporters to the voting booth, if only out of sheer fear.  He will retain his corporate sponsorship as long as he is able to continually deliver on their demands for privatization of  government and dismantling of programs that empower people to exist outside its complete and total control.   No unions, no strong public education, no financial safety nets for the elderly or disabled, no environmental rules that impinge on the scourging of every bit of land and water for the profit of the wealth and the few.  None of it. 

Obama is delivering it all.  Why would they want to change horses? 

Social Security and Medicare being placed on the table right before a Presidential election cycle?  A striking  demonstration of  how far this process has already played out and how far Obama will go to keep corporate dollars pouring into his reelection coffer.  

Meanwhile, the fascist power structure can’t lose.  They have two political powers fighting to prove who is more willing to whore themselves out for their favor.  Either way, they get what they want.  It will continue as long as the people go along with the game, and acquises their representation to leadership who seek nothing but their own power.  The writing is on the wall.

The only wild card is when the people finally wake up and decide they have had enough of the game. 

I don’t see it for 2012.  I hope I am wrong.  I hope Medicare and Social Security will be the final straw and it will galvanize people into the streets.  But, if we don’t rally for real change and we continue to futilely support political leaders and structure that have no agenda to represent our needs, change ain’t gonna come.

The Presidency of Hope has turned into the Presidency of Disempowerment and Hopelessness.  And, sadly, I think that was the plan all along.