NPA StuffThe draft Unified Progressive Platform – the centerpiece document of the New Progressive Alliance (NPA), the organization MyFDL members founded in voting last fall – is now up at MyFDL!

Your votes identified 10 key issues, and work on this detailed yet succinct statement of core Progressive beliefs has kept true to them. Incorporating the platforms of five historic and current Progressive organizations; your comments here during our founding; and the input of NPA volunteers and members, the draft UPP will prove key in helping to convert the growing populist revolt against the oligarchs who now oppress us into a united call for a second Progressive Era in America.

The draft’s ETA is noon Pacific, 3 p.m. Eastern on Sunday, and we need your ideas and feedback. Our goal is a platform our Steering Committee – which now includes Kevin Zeese, Cornel West, Cindy Sheehan, Jill Stein, David Swanson, Paul Barrow, Alan Maki and Richard Winger (with more prominent Progs on the way) – can ratify by early August.

After ratification, it will be presented to Progressive individuals and organizations of every political stripe, in seeking to unite Americans in the battle against the culture of perpetual war and un/underemployment our elites have instigated and seek now to make permanent. Any candidate seeking the NPA’s endorsement will have to sign onto the UPP very publicly in order to win that endorsement – and will be kicked to the curb the minute they espouse or vote for policies which run counter to it. Because public servants serve us – not the other way around.

Since our founding by MyFDL readers last fall, the NPA has registered as a 527 non-profit, and our volunteers have been hard at work. In addition to crafting the UPP:

– Our highly functional web site is now up.

“Primary Obama” bus ads are rolling in DC.

– Our volunteer corps and State Founder recruitment is in full gear, with many talented, committed Progressives joining our ranks daily. (We are a 100-percent volunteer operated, non-profit organization).

– Paid memberships and donations are rolling in; our mailing list continues to grow exponentially.

– Volunteers are attending conferences, summer festivals and other events, helping to spread the word.

– We’ve helped build awareness of the still-growing Iowa Health Care Not Warfare Campaign.

– We’re an endorsing organization of the October2011 effort.

– We continue efforts to mount a primary challenge to Barack Obama, pursuing the list of potential candidates voted by MyFDLers last fall.

We encourage all who were present at the NPA’s founding last fall – and anyone else who believes in the need for a second Progressive Era – to review the UPP and let us know what you think.

We believe the 2012 election will be like no other in our nation’s history. By re-instituting Progressive values, the American people can make it a year our elites will never forget. We look forward to your input on the platform, and we thank you in advance for taking time to help.

Anthony Noel
NPA Facilitator


New Progressive Alliance

New Progressive Alliance