Paul's quintet

I marched in the parade with our local Democratic Party on Monday… most of our members are truly progressive, and many of them are pretty upset with the president. We tossed tootsie rolls to kids and a few adults, too. It was the first time I had done that. Usually, I’m a spectator, taking photos of the parade.

I took only a few photos this time… one of the parade forming behind us… another of the parade forming ahead of us… and one of Paul’s quintet on a flat-bed truck. That tuba is pretty heavy and not easily carried in a parade. I also took a photo of a young man standing and watching the parade. He had tears in his eyes and several members of our party thanked him for his service. I suspect he is only recently out of the military.

It was a pretty busy weekend for us, as all of these patriotic holidays are. Anyone who plays a trumpet is in big demand on these holidays.

Friday night, a bunch of us went to see my grandson’s concert near Reading… we wanted to see the program they would be doing in Europe. Paul could not go because he had a gig that night.

Saturday and Sunday, Paul had concerts with two different bands (a big band and a Sousa band) in a park with an amphitheater, and on Monday he had two parades and a pool party. His quintet played at all three of those events. I couldn’t get a photo of the other parade, because I was picking up a birthday cake. The host of the pool party and I shared a birthday on Thursday. I am now 58, but I’m not sure how old he is, though he is a little bit older than I am. Before Sunday’s concert, we went to a barbecue that someone I work with was having… he and his family live near us. I made some deviled eggs for the barbecue and some wheat-free cupcakes with chocolate chips in them.

We were planning to see some fireworks after the pool party, but we were both so tired after all of the other activities; so, we just went home and took long naps.

I hope you all had a great weekend. Did you go to any parties or barbecues or picnics?

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along the parade route

the swim team

in the parade