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Late Night: Where O Where Has Her Little Mind Gone?

In a post wherein Ann Althouse squawks she is not at all interested in our “Eli” — apart from, one supposes, this particular post, wherein she squawks about our “Eli” — Althouse intriguingly declares:

People who are immersed in politics ought to take a good look at their own minds.

Whatever else you can say about Althouse, she at least cannot be faulted for a failure to follow her own advice. All the evidence shows that Althouse has been long separated from her mind; if she originally removed it in order to give it a proper gawking, that is a perfectly laudable motive. And let us be charitable! Perhaps there is a perfectly sound reason that as soon as her mind departed her skull it promptly escaped, never to be heard from again; and very likely all she had on hand to fill the resultant cranial void was Franzia and guano.

That would be the kindest explanation for this emanation:

I have no interest in these hysterical little men who obsess about whether their “base” is getting served or stiffed.

(Rolls eyes.) Althouse is watching consonants whirling through onion rings, yet once more. She’s got a dirty mind, don’t she, Yossarian? The dirtiest. Maybe she should advertise for her lost mind on Craigslist to see if she can find anyone who’s recently seen it so she get it back. Maybe, like, a street vendor on St. Mark’s has it. You never know. (See vid.)

But this sort of instability is widespread. There are people out there like Michele Bachmann, who is having all sorts of trouble because of her associations with known perverts with bizarre sexual obsessions. It’s just sad to see and one prays she gets the help she needs, or even better, the consequences she deserves.

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