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Come Saturday Morning: “Clap Louder!” Is Not a Solution, Economic or Political

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It looks as if President Obama, by trying to make sure that there are no options to avoid a default that don’t involve total capitulation to Republican demands, is determined to ensure that even more people stay home than the twenty-nine-million former Obama voters who went missing in 2010. And the weak-tea toenail clippings he’s offering up as a means to jump-start an economy (an economy that he could have roaring along a year ago if he’d only used reconciliation to push through a meaningful stimulus bill) won’t be enough to save him, much less the Democrats who he has screwed and who yet feel they are stuck with him on the 2012 ship.

I’ve spent much of the past twenty-four hours dealing with local Democratic Party functionaries who were trying to shout me and a few other folks down over this issue. Instead of wasting time trying to get people like me to say that the yellow liquid being trickled on us all is just rain and not urine, they would be better served trying to figure out how they can convince the vast apolitical majority of Americans to get into the voting booth — you know, the people who don’t follow the politics of Supreme Court justices but care mightily about their pensions — without being able to honestly deploy the “we’ll save Medicare and Medicaid” hole card. Beating up on bloggers who tell the truth might be satisfying to party worker bees, but it’s not a substitute for having a platform that appeals to the public and which you can be trusted to defend.

Maybe I should just invite them here. Maybe then they might understand that “clap louder!” worked only in Peter Pan.

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Phoenix Woman