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Class Warfare in America, a pretense to US Feudalism

Class Warfare in America, a pretense to Feudalism 2.0
Or, how laws, rules and taxes only apply to the “little people.”

Feudalism: The dominant social system in medieval Europe, in which the nobility held lands from the Crown (in exchange for military service), and vassals were in turn tenants of the nobles, while the peasants (villeins or serfs) were obliged to live on their lord’s land and give him homage, labor, and a share of the produce, notionally in exchange for military protection.|en&q=feudalism&hl=en

Feudalism 2.0: The emerging social system of the 21st century, especially in the USA,  where the ultra-rich and corporations hold wealth and jobs, supported by puppet politicians, and the “middle class” (nuovo poor) are servants (employees) of the corporations and do all the work and pay all the taxes.  The destitute work multiple low paying jobs and remain forever unhealthy and in debt.

The greed, profit motives are in place.  Corporate executives who used to make about 40 times what the lowest paid person in their company made now routinely make hundreds or thousands of times what the lowest paid employee makes.  According to some economic theories that is not a sustainable way to run a company.  Using that money to support more employees (more jobs) or reinvestment in the company would be better for everyone. Corporations today talk about running “lean” (read: fewer jobs) but eventually it is cut to the bone (except for executives) and impedes performance.

The 1950’s are frequently idealized as a near utopian time in US history.  Top tax rates were above 70%, much of the current national infrastructure was built, the country was not at war.  Now we are at war with everything (drugs, cancer, terror, etc. ), including two actual wars overseas and taxes have cut well into the bone.  The income and wealth of the top 2% has increased greatly (15-20% by most measures) while the rest of us have seen decreases in salary, “wealth”, 401k’s and buying power.

The best way to control people is to keep them uneducated, unhealthy and fearful.  The revenue “income” of the federal government has been reduced dramatically, creating an excuse to cut many social programs, health care and education.

Deregulation is a primary tool, used by the ultra-rich (via corporations) and put into effect by paid-for politicians and judges to let them do whatever they want. Repealing Glass-Steagall was the coup-de-grace.  Of course deregulation only benefits big businesses, small business get only lip service and pay much more in taxes than the big corporations.  Court decisions like Citizens United give big corporations far greater power than they ever had before.

Wasn’t the the purpose of “trickle down,”  “supply side economics”  and of tax cuts to the rich to create jobs and stimulate the economy?  This has been going on now for more than 30 years, how long can it possibly take to show results?  Where are the jobs and economic improvement?  What IS the argument for not increasing taxes on the rich, or for cutting them even more?

Taxes now are lower than when “Saint Reagan” was President, and even Reagan raised taxes several times, as he realized that the Federal Government needs to take in revenue.

The pretense of a “level playing field” is long gone.  Welcome to Feudalism 2.0.


Supporting evidence and indications (examples, not an exhaustive list):

We all know that the GOP is the “party of the rich” – both rich individuals and rich corporations.

– Wall St

  • Controls financial markets, tool of the rich (who own more than 50% of all investments)
  • Wall St. gets to make money on your 401K, while you cannot touch it, even if it decreases in value.

– McDonalds (and other fast food manufacturers)

  • Wants customers to purchase more (eat more).  Engineers their food for addiction, empty calories.
  • Customer health is not a concern but burdensome regulation.

– Private Health Care

  • Would a health institution deny service because of “lack of profit?” (we all know that answer).
  • At least SOME public health services are needed, some others (mainly elective) could be private.

– Private Prisons

  • Their objective would be to make money.  More profit would require more inmates. Owners could lobby (bribe) politicians top pass stricter laws.  They would remove productive people from society, charge families for incarceration (more profit for private prison).
  • Could make a lot of money on white-collar criminals… think that is what they have in mind? 😉

– Monsanto

  • Lobbied the government to eliminate a rule tracking pesticide/herbicide water pollution, another burdensome regulation.

– Exxon, Bank of America, GE: corporations that pay no taxes

– The “top 2%”

  • Over the last 10-20 years their incomes and wealth have increased dramatically, while the average for the other 98% has been an income and wealth decrease.   More of this is yet to come.


The GOP seems to want to make laws and rules that ONLY apply to everyone else (hypocrisy).
– Sen. Inhofe.

  • Recklessly lands a plane on a runway full of workers, is universally condemned by pilots.
  • Yet he “goes after” the FAA by launching legislation to “curb abuses” (like he was exposed to)

– The CIA, John Yoo

  • Brazenly destroys evidence they were ordered to preserve.
  • The CIA was given a pass because John Yoo told them they could perform acts, that we prosecuted as war crimes 60 years ago (the “following orders” defense was not recognized at Nuremburg.)

– Sen. Vitter

  • Patronizes hookers and is re-elected. Weiner “tweets” and is hounded from office.

– Larry “wide stance” Craig

  • Rails against homosexuality, pushes anti-gay laws and then is outed in an airport men’s room.

– Abu Ghraib

  • Need I say more?  Punish only the lowest level people involved.

– Nixon

  • Pardoned for crimes. Had Nixon been prosecuted, would Bush/Cheney have been so reckless and lawless?

– Where’s my Health care?

  • Rep. Andy Harris, A conservative Maryland physician elected to Congress on an anti-Obamacare platform asked why his free government health care had to take so long, what he would do without 28 days of health care.

– Myth: Republicans value sexual morality:

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