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Water Cooler – Friday Tunes, Its All About Michael

Welcome to Friday Night Tunes, once a week Water Cooler intended to get you in the mood for the weekend. This weeks theme is Michael Jackson. But it would be far, far too easy to just put some MJ songs up, so I’m going a different direction.

We get things going with a speed metal version of Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm. Personally I like this version better than Jacksons, it has that edge that was missing from the original, but the AAF guys do it a lot of justice and a fun video too.

Next up is Eminem. Good ol’ Marshal Mathers pokes some pretty harsh fun at MJ, but he is not the only celebrity that gets the sharp end of Eminem’s wit. Here is Just Lose It

We’ll redeem this version of Friday Tunes with a really heartfelt accustic cover of “Billy Jean” by Cold Play. You can almost see them restraining themselves to in this song. It is really tempting to try to over rock this one but they really do it justice.

So, now you are once again ready for the weekend!

What is on your minds tonight Firedogs? The floor is yours!

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Bill Egnor

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