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The Roundup for July 8, 2011

I’ll be on weekend alert for any developments in the grand bargain. There’s another meeting between the President and Congressional leaders Sunday. We should know more after that.

• Breaking: being out of work for a long time has negative consequences.

• Humberto Leal was executed by the state of Texas yesterday, in violation of international law according to the United Nations. And this could put Americans abroad at great risk should they get in trouble with the authorities. Surely they can just tell the foreign police “Don’t Mess With Texas” and everything will be fine.

Patty Murray solicited the Koch Brothers for campaign donations in her duties with the DSCC. That just seems like an epic mistake.

• I don’t know that uncertainty about the debt limit is a drag on the economy, but there’s no doubt that the crowd yelling about uncertainty is creating that uncertainty through threatening a default without massive austerity. Related: Bruce Bartlett’s five myths about the debt limit.

• I don’t know that I buy the notion of a coming housing boom. Don’t people have to have, you know, money and jobs, to form households?

• We saw this coming: Wisconsin Republicans will try to sneak redistricting in before they lose their Senate majority. This will also hurt efforts of Democrats to actually have a legislative majority after 2012.

• Six months after the Tucson shooting, Obama will release a series of gun safety reforms.

• Bank of New York Mellon actually recommended the settlement to Bank of America on their MBS issues. The fix is so in on that one. But I don’t think this attempt to use the Wal-Mart suit as a way to stop a class action from investors on MBS repurchases is going to work.

• Never got to it, but the Morgensen/Story article about the DoJ’s choice to allow the financial industry to essentially self-police is the must-read of the day.

• Behold the poor, henpecked corporate jet industry, and shed a tear for them, as the tax breaks for the owners of their products may be coming to an end.

• The ethanol industry, on the other hand, is thrilled that their compromise at least preserves a tiny sliver of their subsidies, albeit in a different form (funding for installing new pumps at gas stations that can handle more ethanol). Meanwhile, Lufthansa is running biofuel flights on short trips.

• South Sudan comes into being on Saturday, and must struggle to determine the role of government there.

• More protests in Syria and Yemen today as the Arab uprising continues.

• Pro-lifers are worried that a “fetal heartbeat” bill in Ohio, which would ban abortions at around 6 weeks, will end up leading to a reaffirmation of Roe v. Wade at the Supreme Court.

• Kentucky plans to privatize its Medicaid program. That sound you hear is a cash register at the headquarters of insurance companies.

So much for repeal and replace.

• The whole incandescent light bulb issue shows you how many leaders in this country are simply militantly anti-progress.

• This Kafkaesque nightmare could also be described as “dealing with your bank in 21st century America.”

• Montana’s Governor Brian Schweitzer, accusing Exxon of hiding information about the Yellowstone River oil spill and cleanup, pulled out of the unified command team overseeing the response.

• A truth and reconciliation campaign in Honduras ruled the 2009 removal of Mel Zelaya to be a coup. Now they tell us!

• Wisconsin repealed its concealed carry ban, leaving Illinois as the only state left in the country with one. Total domination from the NRA.

• I think the fastest way to lose an election in America is to pledge to ban pornography. Why don’t you ban football and demolition derbies while you’re at it?

• Apologies to Atrios, but I’m going to name Tony Blair Wanker of the Day for this hit job on Gordon Brown, combined with the conceit that he was the one true Labour champion.

• The latest in my Silvio Berlusconi obsession. “I never supported the Libyan war anyway!”

• The mysteries of Pittsburgh… protractors edition

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