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Call Members of Congress and Tell Them if They Cut Social Security, You’re Done With Them

President Obama Proposes Cuts to Social Security

Call your member of Congress about your pledge not to vote for anyone who votes to cut Social Security benefits.





Call your Congressman today.

The DCCC sent out the most cynical email I think I’ve ever seen yesterday.  It really took my breath away:

At this moment, Speaker Boehner is crafting a deficit deal that would gut Medicare and Social Security, while slashing benefits for seniors and the middle class in order to make sure he protects tax breaks for millionaires. This is unacceptable and House Democrats will not stand for this.

John Boenher didn’t put cutting Social Security on the table, Obama did. He has wanted to cut Social Security benefits from the day he took office. He just wants to be able to blame the Republicans for it.

The best comedy on TV right now is the grandstanding of Progressive Caucus Democrats like Keith Ellison, banging on about how they won’t vote for any cuts to Social Security or Medicare. In this less-than-hard-hitting interview from yesterday,  the equally strident pledge that Rep. Ellison made  last year is never mentioned:

I will not vote for any healthcare that does not include a public option. I will not do it, that’s a guaranteed no vote and I will not be dissuaded from that.

Who is Ellison kidding. His conviction will last only so long as they don’t need his vote. He signed a letter saying he wouldn’t vote for any more war funding without troop withdrawal provisions too, and now Mr. Anti-war says he’s “comfortable” with the action in Libya.

If they need him, Ellison — and the rest of them — will be there. The progressive caucus has 83 members. They could vote Nancy Pelosi out as minority leader. They could gum up the works for any legislation Obama wanted to pass.  All this foot stomping is a colossal joke.  They have power, they just won’t use it.

And if the DCCC gave a damn about cutting Social Security or Medicare, how about withholding support in 2012 from Democrats who votes to cut it?  They could force Obama to pass it purely with Republican votes.  As if. The very thought of it is sidesplitting.

So call your member of congress today and tell them if they pass this, you’re done. That’s it.  Tell them you don’t really care about hearing them make a bunch of ass-covering promises they do not intend to keep.  Tell them to say something meaningful like “I’ll pledge to vote against Nancy Pelosi as minority leader if this passes,” or just STFU.

Tell them you’re on to their little game of rotating villains.  Because cutting the COLA tears a big hole in the social safety net, in a way that will immediately hurt millions of senior citizens.  Nobody is interested in their cheap theatrics.

Call your member of Congress TODAY and tell them if they vote to cut Social Security benefits, you won’t vote for them in the next election.

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Jane Hamsher

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