The other day I got an email from a local ‘lefty’ health care organization, touting a ‘film night’ opportunity to build morale by watching a documentary bashing the right wing Tea Party. This struck me as being very sad, and all too typical. Rather than face the direness of our situation — the global corporatist fascist system that is swallowing up our future and the future of our children – we choose to comfort ourselves by having yet another hate party against the Right Wing.

Meanwhile, like jilted lovers, we lefties/progressives wait by the phone, hour after hour, day after day, faithfully waiting for Obama (and the Obamacrats) to call, waiting for Obama to tell us that he cares about us after all, and that he’s sorry about all the bad stuff he’s been doing, and that he wants us to build a future together. “He’s a good man,” we tell ourselves. ” He’s a little weak, perhaps, and should stand up to those evil rightwingers, but he’s a good man.” It’s strange, isn’t it, how we cling to these illusions? Perhaps when things seem, and maybe are, hopeless, a little delusion goes a long way.

I remember talking to my Mom about freedom of speech in America. This was back in the eighties, in the Reagan era. Mom had grown up in Nazi Germany, and she pooh poohed any idea that there was censorship in America. I tried to point out to Mom that you really had to watch what you said and where you said it, if you wanted to have a successful career in this ‘free’ America. To her, this did not compare to being taken to a concentration camp if you opposed Hitler. I tried pointing out to Mom that America in fact has a giant prison complex, and that most of the folks in prison are there for violations of the drug laws, which are really political stipulations, and not real crimes at all. This too Mom dismissed. I also pointed out to Mom that even if one could express a wide range of views in America, it was virtually impossible to make people aware of those views, because the major media are generally owned by conglomerates and large financial interests and are tightly controlled. John Pilger describes just one incident reflecting this, from 1980:

How does political censorship work in liberal societies? When my film, Year Zero: the Silent Death of Cambodia, was banned in the United States in 1980, the broadcaster PBS cut all contact. Negotiations were ended abruptly; phone calls were not returned. Something had happened. But what? Year Zero had already alerted much of the world to the horrors of Pol Pot, but it also investigated the critical role of the Nixon administration in the tyrant’s rise to power and the devastation of Cambodia.
Six months later, a PBS official told me, “This wasn’t censorship. We’re into difficult political days in Washington. Your film would have given us problems with the Reagan administration.

This, in ‘free’ America.

On one hand, I appreciate the fact that my mother didn’t want to feel that she had rolled from the frying pan of Nazi Germany, straight into the fire of corporatist fascist America, but – as her son – I felt, and feel, deeply hurt that she did not seem to care about the fact that my life was heading into a future possibly darker than the dark Nazi past she had left behind. Illusion served her, no doubt, but it did not serve me.

Now Mother has passed on, and the world has come full circle. A nation oppresses its people at home, while pressing war and domination abroad, and that nation is the United States. We need to acknowledge this darkness closing in on us, but to do that, we need a plan.

I’ve mentioned before that some people on the Right and some people on the Left are beginning to see a way forward that involves overcoming what (frequently manic and nasty, but sometimes appropriately urgent and even wise) Alex Jones calls ‘the false Left Right paradigm‘. I think this is the way forward.

The path is very, very rocky, because old prejudices and deeply engrained habits of hate die hard. THE FIRST AND MOST DIFFICULT STEP IS TO STOP FEEDING THEM. Fight the temptation to comfort yourself by throwing darts and curses at the picture of Sarah Palin you tacked up to the back of your kitchen door every time you feel upset over the latest Democratic Party betrayal. Look beyond Obama, and look beyond Palin, at the same time.

The way I see it, the Future of Humanity lies just on the other side of a massive grey wall that has been built in our path by the elites who seek to oppress and control us (elites represented politically by the Duopoly, and economically by the international bankers). Most human beings don’t like the wall and don’t want the wall, and are gathered, helplessly, in front of a great Tolkien-ish oaken door in this wall. The door is locked, and we are all waving what look like keys that might fit into the lock, but each of us has only half a key. What are we to do? Gradually, it begins to dawn on people that their half-keys may fit together. Right wing people try to fit their half-keys together, but they don’t fit. Left wing people do the same, with the same result. Everyone wails in despair. Fights break out between rightwingers and lefties, all of them blaming each other. Lefties and righties start throwing their half-keys at each other.

But here and there there are people curiously studying the half-keys now littering the ground. Struck by a thought, they try to fit a left wing half to a right wing half, and to their amazement, they discover that the two halves fit together into one key! Excitedly they shout and wave their newfound WHOLE key. It’s too small to open the lock by itself, but if more people would do this with their half-keys, and then added the resulting whole keys together…? But their calls to their fellows are met with anger, shouting and reprisals. All seems hopeless once again, but meanwhile, more and more people are studying the half-keys and making the same surprising discovery. Justin Raimondo, a leading left/right key theorizer, discusses how this dawning awareness is beginning to drive the antiwar movement:

The rebellion in Congress against US intervention in the Libyan civil war was effectively quashed by the Democrats when a majority of Republicans voted in favor of a bipartisan resolution to defund the mission, but the Democratic leadership kept enough of their caucus in line to defeat the measure. The proposed legislation, co-sponsored by Reps. Dennis “Department of Peace” Kucinich, and Justin “Tea Party” Amash, perfectly embodies the spirit of the growing left-right foreign policy alliance as expressed in a recent open letter released by Come Home America, calling for an end to our role as the world’s policeman. The letter was signed by a dizzyingly diverse range of political pundits and publicists, from Ralph Nader and Medea Benjamin to Dan McCarthy, editor of The American Conservative, as well as my reactionary self. In short, a group of people who don’t have much in common politically – except a growing sense of outrage at what is being done in our name overseas. 
… both the left and the right are fast waking up to the fact that they’re being taken for a ride by the War Party – which profits from empire while the rest of us pay.  
That’s why Come Home America – a new left-right antiwar initiative – is vitally important. I urge my readers to sign up and get actively involved: this is the one antiwar organization I can unreservedly endorse. Chapters are springing up across the nation, and now is the time to get actively involved. Because there never was a better time for the nation to hear its message loud and clear: America, won’t you please come home?

Sometimes, to see the light in the darkness, you have to see the darkness. We need to face the direness of our situation, but maybe that will help us see that the only thing that can save us now is the only thing that could ever save us: a strong populist movement in America. It is precisely our deeply implanted Left vs. Right divide, to which we are so wedded and habituated, that has hamstrung the possibility of this for over a century. I believe that anywhere from 50% to 75% of Americans are now and have long been in rough agreement about the peaceful, compassionate, free and abundant future we long to build for future generations. We hold the key, as we always have, and now is the time to see it. Together.





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