President Obama is taking tax cuts for the rich off the table. What????  What have these same people done with all the tax breaks they’ve gotten since first introduced by President Bush?  Instead of creating jobs, companies have cut jobs, or transferred good paying jobs to China, or any country where people work for beggars wages. 
 The ironically named  “Trickle down theory”  didn’t work under Reagan, did not work under Bush, nor will it work under Obama. It has proven to be the trickled on theory and the rest of America continues to be trickled on. The majority of Americans today experience the results of “The Trickle Down Theory” like  the poor guy on the first floor of a two story outhouse.
It doesn’t make sense to punish unfortunate Americans while rewarding affluent people in advance, for jobs they might create, someday, sometime, in the future! It doesn’t make sense to give breaks to companies that move good jobs to other countries and cause irreparable harm to American families.  Instead, all companies who moved jobs out of this country, should return all money given through deductions and tax breaks plus interest, retroactive to the date jobs were moved out of the U.S.
Instead, congress expects Americans to struggle paying bills with jobs cleaning toilets or serving greasy fast food?  Are these the jobs Americans are supposed to be grateful for and which also dominate the Jobs Reports?
Wouldn’t it make more sense to make the affluent accountable for tax breaks they’ve already received and not give huge tax breaks to any of them until they have created jobs in this country! (with no breaks for the over inflated salaries and benefits to CEOs!)
How about a 90% tax rate on American companies that produce products in other countries, then bring those same products back here to sell to our underemployed Americans?
Politicians are, for the most part, not concerned with their constituents. Instead, they cater to the rich, those who buy them with huge political contributions. Republicans hold our government hostage to their selfish, anti-American agenda. And –  the Democrats are so damn wimpy! Democrats cater to the Republican demands, even when Democrats are in the majority. What sense does that make?
Washington needs to remember:  “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.”  Both Democrats and Republicans are, in large part, the problem.
 All politicians, both parties, are responsible for the disgusting mess our economy has become. They are behaving irresponsibly and entirely anti-American! The president has veto power. President Obama needs to man-up and either use it, or change parties. Or maybe he could start a new party, called the Wimp Party. 
I wish all involved, including President Obama, could be put in a prison, given only bread and water, and a mattress on a cold concrete floor for sleeping, until they start working for the American people, instead of against them!  Who represents the middle and lower class in this country? Is this what we voted for?  Americans should unite and sue all involved for taxation without representation!
Any progress Democrats have made thus far: for the underprivileged, middle class and senior citizens, will be lost forever if our congress continues pampering the rich at the expense of the rest of us. Republicans never worry that unpaid for tax breaks they gave the rich are part of the deficit.
The truckload of cash, Bush and Cheney “misplaced” in Iraq, would be a real help about now. Washington politicians, who perform horrible misdeeds like that, expect the rest of us to pay for all the money they’ve “misplaced”, pork barrel spending,  and any other ridiculous bills they’ve racked up. They screw up. We pay the piper.  That’s the American way. 
All of them should have to put up or shut up: donate 100% of all their money (including contributions and gifts) toward the deficit, while they live on Social Security and get whatever mangled version of Medicare they come up with for their only health care –  if they are 70 or older.  Maybe  they would finally relate to the people they are supposed to represent and write laws accordingly.
Under 70? They would have to come up with an alternative plan, that didn’t include bribes and gifts from rich cronies. Maybe they could do like they expect from the majority of Americans, who they are supposed to represent, and get a part time job at McDonalds, or cleaning toilets, to support themselves and their families.
Republicans chose to pit one group of people against another, causing Americans to fear and hate each other. Why? When people are distracted by their differences and prejudices, they can be  manipulated.  It’s important to remember: “divided we fall.”   For instance, all the Republican talk about “raising taxes” is a perversion of what  the arguement is really about:  Removing temporary tax breaks  from billionaires who did nothing with the breaks  from President Bush, which continues our welfare to the rich program. And it’s about making the most vulnerable in our society and our middle class support the lifestyle of these millionaires and billionaires. Wake the hell up!  It is not about raising taxes!!!
Another ploy Republicans use is how incredibly  “Christian” they are.  I agree in part: they certainly are incredible.  But not in the way they’d like you to believe. Ask yourself: Would Christ take food and shelter away from the poor and give to the rich? Would Christ do anything that would cause children to not have housing or food or clothes or education or healthcare while taking gifts, bribes and contributions from and taking care only of the rich?
Now it appears we are fast becoming a slave society which provides and supports the grand lifestyles of  billionaires. What’s next? Shackles? 
Washington must stop this insanity! Republicans must stop holding America hostage and Democrats must stop their co dependant behavior. Only then, can we move forward in an honest, decent manner that helps instead of hurts our country. 


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