Michele Bachmann signed an anti-gay Christianist hate pledge to secure the endorsement of “THE FAMiLY LEADER” [sic] hate group.

Yesterday, Bachmann signed the harmful anti-gay Christianist pledge sponsored by the hate group “The Family Leader.” By signing, Bachmann promised to continue fighting against marriage equality and to help spread the word that homosexuality is a choice, a health risk, and akin to adultery, polygamy and polyandery.

The pledge goes further to compare abortion to human trafficking, sexual slavery and prostitution and demand that the candidate promote an anti-gay federal marriage amendment, appoint only Christianist activist judges to the bench and of course to recognize that overpopulation will be “beneficial” to the US.

I hope the media asks this very important question of all GOPs competing for their party’s presidential nomination: Have you signed the porn pledge? If not, why not?

UPDATE: Rick Santorum signed.

Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge