Most firepups know by now that when it comes to diaries perpetuating the “Republicans are bad, Democrats are always better” kabuki, my shit meter runneth over.

I am, however, more than happy to use useless Democrats to prove the point.

Yesterday a sound bite from Mitch McConnell made the rounds on radio and TV. Apparently news directors (and trust me, you have no idea how apt that title really is, unless you are a refugee from corporate media as I am) found the real nugget in this diatribe to be :

It’s time Washington learn[ed] to make some sacrifices of its own.

From the moment Ronald Reagan first began fertilizing the fascist fields with such trickle-down hokum thirty years back, Democrats relentlessly attacked the premise that keeping taxes on the rich lower creates jobs. I mean, they were ruthless.

But despite the softball McConnell lobbed with this widely broadcast (and telecast and podcast) piece of fear-the-government red meat, this time there was no rebuttal from the oh-so-much-better alternative across the aisle. Why?

Well, even as lesser-of-two-evils enablers complain that Blue Dogs and Lieberman Pincers are the reasons Barack Obama and his party are unable to truly lead, it would serve us well to remember an old adage. It’s one even the most viscious dog will eventually learn, and it goes like this: “Never bite the hand that feeds you.”

A little over two years into the Obama Regime, it seems what remained of his party’s attack dogs are on a short leash indeed.

After all, next year they’ve got another election to “win.”

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Anthony Noel

Anthony Noel