Cesca writes:

Republicans and conservatives make it really, really difficult for us to avoid focusing on their lapses in intelligence. And with a conga-line of top shelf Republicans front and center for the 2012 presidential nomination, we’re being treated to more examples of nitwittery from these people.

In the last six or seven months alone, there are enough examples of Republicans botching very basic ideas and facts to fill volumes of “Bushism” style novelty calendars.


However, there’s a spectrum of anti-intellectualism on the right, and that’s a fact. The Republican Spectrum of Ignorance runs the gamut from “genuinely smart but wrong” on one extreme to “genuinely stupid” on the other with various points in between. (The categories can be overlapped, Venn Diagram style, and applied to specific conservative players.)

The categories:

Genuinely Smart but Wrong.

Deliberately Ignorant.

Un- or Miseducated.

Incompetent and Incapable.

Genuinely Stupid.

The wild card category is, simply put, Crazy.

You can read descriptions of the categories at this link!

Cesca also goes on musing about the role of education for the voting public… and how much Republicans would prefer to have uninformed voters, rather than smart ones!

Cesca closes with the following:

The Republicans are welcome to act like idiots as a means of pandering to dumbstupids. Just leave the rest of us alone. America needs more smarties, and I don’t think we can afford to wait for the right-wing to catch up to speed.



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