No, You’re Not One Of Us

There’s safety in numbers
When you learn to divide
How can we be in
If there is no outside

– Peter Gabriel

Howard Kurtz reminds us that the Village Opining Society is a restricted club:

Elizabeth Smart first came into our consciousness nearly a decade ago as a 14-year-old girl kidnapped from her Salt Lake City bedroom. She was found alive nine months later, some 18 miles from her home, and the man and woman who seized her were ultimately convicted.

Now The Daily Beast has learned that Smart is about to start a new job at … ABC News.

Does that strike anyone as odd?

Other than fame—as the victim of a horrifying crime—what exactly are her qualifications?

Elizabeth Smart was hired to appear “when there are missing children or missing-person cases in the news.” but, hmmph, it’s not like she’s the daughter of former president who spent a couple of years student teaching and then became the go-to correspondent for all things educational. And Jeebus knows Smart didn’t rise up from her blue collar/St. Albans roots to become a congressional correspondent because she grew up knowing in which pocket Bob Dole used to keep his butterscotch candy.

No. Elizabeth Smart is just a composed  (some might say ‘freakishly composed’ considering whet she went through) young lady with more than a little insight on childhood abductions. Unfortunately for her, her parents aren’t media personalities, politicians, or paid flacks, therefore,  she is unclean.

Maybe Howard Kurtz should invite Meghan McCain to be on Reliable Sources to explain this better than I can….

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