Fact: By a 72% majority the Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party state convention delegates passed the strongest single-payer resolution for the state’s “Action Agenda” which PDA CHOSE to disregard and joined in with the Obama hacks to push not just “universal” health care as Mike Hersh claims but “affordable universal health care” without defining what is meant by “affordable.”

PDA’s head man, Tim Carpenter then went on to proclaim the phony single-payer the “Minnesota Health Care Act” to be single-payer universal health care legislation which it isn’t in any way, shape or form since it would require monthly premiums of no less than $750.00 per month from a family of four whose income is $30,000.00 a year. Anyone with half a brain can figure out that many of the people losing their homes to foreclosure and struggling from pay check-to-pay check cannot afford to pay around $9,000.00 a year for health insurance through the state which this legislation would in effect make the state the collection agency for doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

If there are any progressives here who think the “Minnesota Health Act” authored by PDA member Minnesota DFL State Senator John Marty is the kind of single-payer legislation we are seeking I would like to hear from them.

I wrote to a number of people in PDA including Tim Carpenter, Laura Bonham and Norman Solomon asking them to explain how they could be pushing the Minnesota Health Act as single-payer— they all chose not to respond because they are merely tools used to undermine real health care reform.

I also informed all three of these people concerning the single-payer resolution passed by the state convention delegates to the Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party so it isn’t like they didn’t know that there was very significant support for real single-payer initiatives for them to build on. They CHOSE not to build on the MNDFL resolution.

Let us be perfectly honest here. Many PDA chapters are in fact official caucuses in the Democratic Party so unless these PDA chapters want to lose this official designation they have to go along with the final decisions of the Democratic Party or if they worked to oppose these positions they would be kicked out of the Democratic Party.

Activists attempted to work through the Minnesota DFL’s Progressive Caucus to bring a resolution for divesting Minnesota funds from Israel… the Party Chair stepped in and arbitrarily squelched this resolution and there was not one peep of protest from PDA.

As I pointed out previously, the very fact that these “leaders” of PDA considered the Democratic Party to be “progressive” during FDR’s time in office proves that these people don’t even understand history or even have an inkling of history since Laura Bonham pined right here on FDL that the Democratic Party of today is not the Democratic Party of FDR’s era.

I would note that even once I brought these facts forward Laura Bonham has not had the intellectual honesty to correct her mis-interpretation of history yet the PDA leaders have misled their followers, at least 100,000 of them so they claim, to think that progressives can take over the Democratic Party as was done during FDR’s time even though progressives never accomplished any such thing.

Anyone can look at the press stories DURING the time the language for the Democratic Party Platform was being drafted to see for themselves the dirty work of John Conyers and Donna Smith as they claimed to be speaking on behalf of single-payer supporters even though not once did they mention the single-payer resolution passed in Minnesota— which I must point out, Minnesota members of PDA did the dirty deed of altering without so much as circulating a draft resolution across the state explaining why they found it necessary to include “affordable” as part of this resolution.

When this resolution was passed after six long years of vigorous and sharp debate in Minnesota; everyone voting for it understood that what was being talked about was the Canadian model of single-payer.

The altering of the resolution at the instigation by a PDA member at the behest of the DFL Chair was done in a very dirty manner where it was included with a whole gaggle of resolutions which were pushed through without any dialog, discussion or debate catching everyone by surprise and off-guard.

The sheer dirtiness and treachery employed by PDA working within the Democratic Party is well-known to all seeking real change.

Mike hersh likes to post a gaggle of “links” to issues; well, let Mr. Hirsh post links to the press stories regarding the work of John Conyers and Donna Smith who worked hand-in-hand with Obama’s hacks and anyone will be able to see how they set in motion the demise of the single-payer movement under the guise of “affordable” even though they NEVER define “affordable.”

I don’t know of anyone or any organization who gave PDA the authority to engage in this dirty work on their behalf— the struggle and fight over single-payer should have taken place on the floor of the National Democratic Party Convention in Colorado with the Minnesota resolution advanced; but PDA sought to shield the Democratic Party from this struggle because had this struggle been brought to the floor of the convention Barack Obama never would have been nominated because there is no way in hell the majority of those convention delegates would have supported the “Affordable Health Care Act.”

And, who inititiated this “compromise” wording for the rest of us? None other then John Conyers and Donna Smith acting on behalf of PDA.

PDA paved the way for Roger Hickey and Robert Borosage of the Campaign for America’s Future to give the single-payer movement its actual burial behind the facade of a coalition of “leaders” who didn’t even have the courage to go to their memberships telling their members they were ditching single-payer to “cover Obama’s back.”

I would point out that one of my blog postings on single-payer was distributed at the AFL-CIO national convention; the delegates voted overwhelmingly to endorse single-payer and in spite of overwhelming support for single-payer from the rank-and-file, the “leadership” went right ahead and supported the Campaign for America’s Future’s drive to kill single-payer— quite literally, Roger Hickey “wrote the book” that killed the single-payer movement but without the “affordable” language advanced by PDA they could not have been successful.


Alan Maki

Alan Maki