Cut Social Security and Medicare Now or America goes broke? Really we have other options. Lets explore some of them.


A real Lefty counter proposal would be to Tax the rich more which has majority public support.

End both wars Now! Which has majority public support.   Or End Both Wars Now and cut military Spending to twice what China spends ( the Main Stream Media won’t even do polling on that idea because their Corporate Owners are already afraid of the last 2 issues polling.

Sell the gold in Fort Knox

The United States Bullion Depository holds 4,578 metric tons (5046 tons) ofgold bullion (147.2 million oz. troy).


Gold Coin PricesPrice of Gold


$1525.13 an ounce at today’s prices 147.2 million ounces Hmm? to keep the math simple 140,000,000 million * 1000 = 1,400,000,000,000 thats 1 trillion 400 billion dollars we can get right now today.

If we use that money for creating actual  jobs instead of tax cuts to create jobs because that idea did not work in the 8 Bush Years and 2 Obama years (10 years worth of real economic data and I say its safe to say tax cuts are not job creators). We should get our economy moving again and collect more tax revenue in the long run than cutting government spending. Tax cuts do not give people jobs to save their homes unless their jobs are in countries big Business OutSources our jobs too.

Tariffs on foreign goods would save American Jobs Just look at all the mining jobs America lost when China dumped Rare Earth Metals cheap on the American market and all our Rare Earth Metal mines closed.

Then the Chinese once they were the only producer of Rare Earth Metals jacked up the price thus making the price of Ipods, Solar Panels, Hybrid cars, and Missile Parts all go up.

Free Trade kills jobs when America is the only one with Free Trade.

The Left has several  alternative ideas to cut the budget besides cutting SS and Medicare (I am sure I have not listed them all please add your ideas).

On 2 ideas we have polls indicating the Majority of the Public support our ideas over the current fake choice of cut Social Security and Medicare or America goes broke.

We have majority Public Support in polls for 2 of these ideas despite the Media and Washington not discussing our ideas.  I would love to see all our ideas get polled and discussed in the Main Stream Media.

Lets face it the GOP, Obama and the Dems are giving us a fake either or scenario either we cut SS and Medicare or we go broke.   Never mind Majority Public Support. Never mind our ideas will work and their’s won’t look at Greece, Ireland etc. Never mind that cutting SS and Medicare WILL reduce consumer spending and thus hurt our economy.     The GOP, Obama and the Dems all really really want to cut SS and Medicare just to give the rich a tax cut and make us poorer. Making us poorer does seem the ultimate goal since other ideas to cut the budget are better but won’t make us poorer.

Now imagine what Public Support for our ideas would be if we took the savings from our ideas and had the government use the savings to create good paying  jobs.:)

When did a politically possible to pass budget become different than what the majority of voters in a supposed Democracy want? When did voters lose power over even the issues they care the most about like Jobs and the Economy ?



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