Now that you’ve vigorously scratched your head in bewilderment over attempting to discern the meaning of my title, allow me to briefly indulge in a wee bit of ‘black helicopter’, conspiracy theory history.

In the Hollywood film entitled, ‘The Manchurian Candidate’,  an American serviceman is captured by the Russians and Chinese and is brainwashed with a kind of mind-control during the Korean War.  Without his knowledge he is sent back home to America to be used as a spy in the US government.  His trigger to go into action is brought on by merely veiwing the ‘queen of diamonds’ when playing solitaire.

I certainly amno conspiracy theorist, but I could not help but think of this fictitious film when I read that the President was at least considering placing the cutting of Social Security on the table in the so-called ‘negotations’ for the raising of the nations’ dept limit.  Think about it for a moment.  Did the liberal progressive dems who worked tirelessly to help elect him think for one minute back in November of 2008, that he would begin the health care reform legislation by eliminating the ‘single payer’ system as in Canada, before any negotations began?  Did they think that he would also give up on the ‘public option’?  And in December of 2010, did they have any inkling that he would extend the Bush tax cuts?

In addition to those two major cave-ins, to a party that has no intention in the cosmos to ever ‘work’ with him in any manner, he has governed to his right almost withoutend on smaller issues.  In the name of being the adult in the room, or bi-partisanship or whatever else you might want to call it with a group that hates his very skin.  And will never agree to anything that will see him as successful no matter how effective for the country.

I was still certain as was most supporters, even after all the snubbing of his loyal base, that maybe he had some sort of grand scheme in mind and would reveal it to us all and make the Republicans look foolish.  But…. wrong I was, when I read that this Democratic President is willing to give away the Party and all that it has stood for.  I cannot describe the sorrow and hurt I feel for being taken in by this President and I have no clue as to why he has governed as he has.  I realize it sounds foolish but could he possibly have seen his ‘QUEEN OF DIAMONDS’?