So I just saw this article on the Washington Post by way of HuffPo:

Social Security Cuts Offered By Obama In Debt Negotiations

Within the article it goes into some detail about how Obama is itching for a more “ambitious” debt deal of $4 trillion in cuts not just his paltry $2 trillion that will already cause us to go into a Depression. I just am speechless. I mean I always suspected Obama would do something this stupid but I am still shocked. I sincerely have no idea why this man believes he is going to get some kind of plaudit for this absolute catastrophe of a so called “strategy” or why he can’t see how this is guaranteeing a 2nd Great Depression that Democrats will get blamed for even though it is still the same Supply side, light-touch economic crap that caused both. I just can’t see how the Democrats in the Congress go along with this but hey, they’re DEMOCRATS. They only know how to LOSE so why not? Here’s the link:

Your thoughts?