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Some may disagree but I think this recent bit on NOM's blog is simply stupid:

Gov. Cuomo's Mom: Don't Redefine Lasagna

We love how Andrew Cuomo's Italian mom loves him no matter what, even for passing gay marriage. But we could not help noticing Mrs. Cuomo's firm belief that some things just cannot be redefined.

… no, not marriage, lasanga:
“I did not criticize her lasagna,” [Matilda] Cuomo said. “All I said is it's not Italian. Cottage cheese and tomato soup might be low on calories, but it's not Italian lasagna.”

The original article in question consisted of Gov. Cuomo's mother praising her son's persistence in getting marriage equality passed in New York, so maybe some folks would consider her “fair game.”

But I still say that NOM's little cheap shot was dumb and unnecessary.

First NOM's president acts like a spoiled child when marriage equality is passed. And now the organization has taken to immature shots at Gov. Cuomo's mother.

What's next? Shooting spitballs at Governor Cuomo during his next public speech?

Alvin McEwen

Alvin McEwen