Over at that cesspit of morality, Townhall, Armstrong “Integrity” Williams identifies a Desperate National Crisis.

These are questionable times in our country’s heralded history. The current Congress remains grid locked on nearly every issue of the day, unable to move even basic legislation regarding public safety, transportation, even the Post Office. Meanwhile, a president elected in a modern-day landslide, who vowed to embark on a new era of governing, could go down in history as one who promised so much yet delivered so little.

Hey, wow, that’s actually kind of true. It’s not good. Williams appears innocent of comprehension of the definition of “heralded,” and “grid locked” is a solecism on the order of “dumb assed.” But as far as the content goes — it’s kinda true!  And I found this at Townhall!

Astounding… almost frightening… an entire paragraph expressing something resembling “true” appearing at Townhall.  This is a sign. A portent! Surely some revelation is at hand!

But reading on, nah, pass the Jurgens; as Homer Simpson once famously declared, “we’re gettin’ takeout and doin’ it twice!” Lamentably, it is only the Second Cumming that has come to hand.

At a time when the President could stand up and rightly (and righteously) call out the abominable behaviors of our fellow countrymen, silence is his only response. At this time, we need a president willing to decry the injustices perpetrated on the innocent. We need a president who can set a new tone both inside and out of Washington – one of simple morality.

Don’t for a minute suppose that Williams is upset about anything to do with “injustices perpetrated on the innocent” as to do with, like, preposterous and devastating funding cuts. No. He means bad fucking.

Begin with the countless episodes of infidelity throughout elected office today. Look at the near-criminal acts of Sens. John Ensign or David Vitter. Or how about Sen. Larry Craig and his “wide stance” defense? A former candidate for president fathers a child and uses campaign funds as hush money. A sitting governor of the largest state in the union fathers a child, but only allows it to go public once he leaves office. I’m just getting started on this motley crew….

Take for example disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner. A bald-faced liar, Weiner stalled and obfuscated for weeks to try and outlast those numerous voices calling for his resignation….

To hold reign over the bully pulpit and not use it to cry out against even basic injustices is to neglect a key mission of the one who holds the Office of the President. He can do better. We sound the clarion call on the question of good moral judgment.

“To hold reign over the bully pulpit” is wonderfully incompetent.

But it’s the overall sentiment that’s entertaining. My favorite historian, Joe Lee, has a line about how the Catholic Church and powerful politicians  in 1920’s Ireland chose to become hysterical about sexual propriety because the alternative was dealing with dangerous and intractable problems of political violence — much less dealing forthrightly with anything to do with the economy, emigration, or anything material, frankly. He called this “choosing the soft sexual option.”

We’re fucking drowning in the soft sexual option right about now.



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