We all know this guy or gal. The one that is so sure about everything, they have a steadfast world view and it does not change. That would be great, if it were not for the added fact that they were always, always wrong.

If they give you an inside line on a horse race, that nag comes in last. If they tell you a statistic, it is not even close. If they make prediction on the stock market or politics or even what time lunch will be, it is always and forever wrong. Even if they have predicted the same thing before and were wrong then, they will stand by this same reasoning, because this time it will be different. Think that preacher that predicted the rapture, for the second time, a couple of months ago.

This is where the Republicans are with the economy. For my entire adult life they have been saying that tax cuts create jobs and expand the economy. They always say that any increase in taxes will sink the economy and have disasterous effects, and they are always wrong.

They said that the Clinton tax increase would sink the economy. Hell they said the Regan tax increases and the Bush tax increases would ruin our ability to create jobs. They stood there and proudly proclaimed that the Bush tax cuts would create jobs, yet at the end of eight years of them, the economy had lost 1 million jobs and was on the verge of a major melt down.

These are the facts, they are undisputed.

Given all this, can someone tell me why anyone listens to these yahoos? I know, I know, because they have a propaganda arm in the Fox “News” but come on. Today Rick Santorum (go Google Santorum, if you have not already) said “The Obama administration claimed to have created 280 million jobs, now they say it is only 240 million”

That is a direct quote, but don’t trust me, look at the video

At least this interviewer takes good old Rick to the woodshed.

Given that these guys have been wrong in every particular over decades, isn’t it more than a little ridiculous to think that these guys know what hell they are talking about?

I totally understand why there are a lot of people who are disappointed with our president. He does not get very high marks from me either, but just look at the choice. Look at who could be president if we don’t support this one? If there were a primary challenger it might be worth looking at but the time for someone like that to emerge is quickly closing and I don’t see anyone stepping up.

You know, I even get the lesser of two evils is still evil argument, but come on, we are talking about the difference between someone who pulls the wings off flies and freaking Beelzebub! And that includes the innocuous Mitt “the Pretzel Man” Romney and the whiter than sour cream Tim Pawlenty.

In the end it is a real loss for a country that elects its leaders when one side is so wrong, so backwards, so maliciously mendacious that you don’t even get a real debate about what is important in the nation, you only get a choice of unsatisfactory and disastrous. This is what the modern Republican Party has done. Are there anyways that they won’t screw up this country? Any?

The floor is yours.

Bill Egnor

Bill Egnor

I am a life long Democrat from a political family. Work wise I am a Six Sigma Black Belt (process improvement project manager) and Freelance reporter for Govtrak.org