Look, I’m tired of pulling punches. I mean how long do we FDLers(more than a few of us may even be 2012ers, as in the Mayan Prophecies) have to hold the hands of these darn Obamabots?! I mean C’MON!  I mean how long have we stood by Obama-exactly about 3 days after he was elected in 2008; Rush Limbaugh-who we are nothing like and only a troll would say otherwise: to show you how different he is than us- and just how ludicrousit is that anyone could put the words Rush Limbaugh and Firedoglake in the same sentence- declared Obama a failed President 2 days after the election. The reason Rush gave was that after all, the Dow was down. Clearly with the stock market having a down day just 2 days after he was elected proved that Obama’s policies were unsound and failed which was shown by the fact that the market had no confidencein him. FDL didn’t go off Obama till he started picking out his cabinet.  How can he hire Geithner and Summers?! Rather than some populist firebrand who hated the banks though understood nothing of economics or finance?

        No, we have enduredsuch abuse at the hands of this President, unspeakable really.  We can’t believe we voted for this, this, fascist.  Like OhioGringo says (6/30, 3:13, Fired Dog Lake Oughta be Renamed RushLimbaughLake, “I was hoodwinked into voting for a Fascist in 2008.”  But the claim that we wantObama to lose is not accurate, the mere product of Obamabots, scrolls, trolls, moles, roles, the DNC, DCCC, and Rahm Emmanuel. 

        This is clear simply by reading what iconoclast had to say (also on 6/30, 1:20 pm) “You thinkthis board is like Rush Limbaugh, I dare you to prove it.” Or,as Papau puts it, again same post and date(10:01): “no one here wants Obama to fail.” Got that Obamabots? We are not opposed to Obama winning we are just indifferent to it. For example, this is clearly demonstrated by greenbell (Earth to Democrats, July 2, 11:40) who said of Obama, “He’s got to be defeated.” Letsgetiddone declares(at 8:30 on the same thread) “Romney would not be worse than Obama…”

       One thing you’ll learn about our tightnit little community here on firedoglake is that when one person starts ragging on Obama, each one of us challenges ourselves to follow this person’ rant about how Obama is by replying that, in fact they have barely scratched the surface as to just how treacherous and corrupt Obama really is, we even question if they are a troll-why isn’t there criticism more pointed and too the point? As PieceofCake explains, when on FDL”if they accuse you of anything ALWAYS agree- or even tell them it’s worse than they think” (“Here’s another way Rush Limbaugh is like Firedoglake 7/3, 1:37 pm). 

        Also of interest if FreedomfromAll who cautions(in same post, 10:01) that while we do get irony(as long as POC emphasizes, you hold up a sign first and let us know by saying ‘Now this is irony. This is not meant to be taken literally’) we do have one sacred cow, “And if you dare say anything against socialism, watch out.” But hey one sacred cow is not so very many is it? I know you understand that’s reasonable-unless you’re troll drool.

         So when someone bashes Obama, just breaks out and curses, Obama, say he sucks, say he’s a fascist, declare he’s the worst ever, our etiquette demands that you answer him by pointing out that his denunciation actually only scratched the surface and didn’t go nearly far enough.  So after Letsgetitdone declares Romney would not be worse than o, it’s a kind of bidding war at an auction. To win you got to accentuate even further just how much Obama sucks, he sucks, he sucks!

          Scrolling a little further down the page, Cable36(12:15) believes McCain would have led the country in less of rightward direction than Obama. See, Obamabots? McCain is to the left of Obama but you are too blind to see it.  At this point we FDLers are escalating as we are wont to do. No one ever contradicts any idea whose vein is “Obama sucks” they seek to 1 up it, if they fail, they themselves are Obamabots. Next, dckinder declares that if you are for Obama you are a Republican, “period. Orrin Hatch, or the Right.”

            Missouri Mule reveals, “I cannot tell you how much I regret voting for Obama, I am so angry at what he allowed to happen, and, more than that, has encouraged or demanded or manipulated to happen.” Please understand Obambots, take off the rose colored glasses and just accept that it is all solel Obama’s fault. Not by accident but on purpose, he is that bad a person.

            Still as mad as Missouri is, his sense of righteous outrage can be topped. Ok he’s “so angry” but I am so angry at Obama, that Icould spit. Obviously I take it more seriously than Missouri-it being Obama’s evil.

             Finally, Shooter242 declares, “People. While it gladdens my heart to see all this kvetching about Obama it’s for the wrong reasons. ” Knox, however isn’t gonna let him be out, “Obama sucks!” comes back with, “No. I dislike Obama for the right reasons. You on the other hand…”

               Next, greenbell who already has declared “he has got to be defeated” now claims that he hates Obama for going on vacation to Europe, Asia, Africa or Hawaii. He actually claims to miss W chopping wood in crawford. See how the ante keeps rising? Wow, greenbell really raised the bar by claiming to miss W, based on where he takes his vacations.

                 On this particular post, on this particular night grand prize goes to nogop2010, who suddenly goes off writing in all caps, “IF THERE ARE ANY BLACKS OR HISPANICS ON THIS SITE PLEASE SIT THIS ONE OUT!!!! OBAMA’S LIFE WILL BE A LIVING HELL ONCE HE COMES OUT OFF OFFICE NO ONE WILL EVER INVITE THIS STUPID ARSININE TO ANY EVENT! HE WILL BE THE MOST HATED ‘DEMOCRATIC’ PRESIDENT EVER!!!! The mispelling of arsinine is nogop2010. Even though FDL has a policy against writing in all caps no one complained: as he was attacking Obama. The fact that he could easily be RNC that’s fine as long as it’s not DNC. Congratulations nogop2010! You earned it buddy!

                 “Obama sucks!”

                  “What are you DNC all the way? Don’t you know he really sucks?!”

                  Nuh, uh, Obamabot! He really, really sucks!”

                  “Listen scroll 2.1, I’m gonna flag you. Everyone knows that Obama sucketh squared.”

                    “Aha! Found you out! He sucketh cubed!!!”

                    “You are a Right wing fundamentalist! Obama sucketh to the 28th and half power….”

Mike Sax

Mike Sax