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Mitt Romney in Heated Debate Over Economy with Mitt Romney

by DonkeyHotey

Willard, 6/13/11.

“He didn’t create the recession, but he made it worse and longer,” the former Massachusetts governor said in the second debate of the 2012 election season but the first in which he shared the stage with his fellow Republicans.

Willard, 7/1/11.

I didn’t say that things are worse,” he [Romney] said.

Willard, yesterday.

Days after denying he had made the inaccurate charge in the past, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney on Monday again said President Obama has made the recession worse.

“Our president has failed us. The recession is deeper because of our president,” Romney told a cheering audience after shaking hands at a July 4th parade, adding, “it has seen an anemic recovery because of our president.”

The economy was contracting as Mr. Obama took office in January 2009. It is now growing slowly.

He made the recession worse and the recovery more anemic,” Romney told reporters.

At this rate, the GOP is going to have to give Willard two podiums at the next debate.

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