There are but two outcomes for Obama in 2012, a second term, or retirement.

Here’s how Obama could win with either outcome.

We know there is a stated intention for him to raise $1 Billion in reelection funds. Much of this will come from Wall St.

In either case, Obama wins hugely if he raises this amount of money, spends half, and retires with half. Either way, win or loose, Obama wins.

In any such an arrangement, what will Wall St do? If they give the money, and that is the easy way for them, will they want Obama to stay or continue to piss of his “base” and fail to get elected? Do they care?

What’s the win/win for Wall St? How does Wall St win if Obama wins and win if Obama looses?

Pay both sides!

Obama? He has 500 Million reasons to win. Not 1,000,000,000.

How do we the people win?

Our politicians are cheap. They can be bought for a relatively small amount of money.

Even if a third party was formed and became effective, it would probably fall into the money trap and be bough, as have our current two parties by the money.

The effort need to be focused on having voters buy back their representative & senators.

If we the citizens in a reps district contribute and control a significant portion of (re) election funds then we take back control from the monied interests. In aggregate voters can afford to pay their reps more than the monies interests.

For example a US Congressional race costing $1 Million, would cost each voter of about 400,000 voters in the REPs district about $2.00 for the election. For 10% of the voters in the district supporting four candidates would cost about $5.00 per month. Is buying back you control of congress worth 1 Starbucks coffee (+ danish) per month?

Otherwise the reps and senators are bought and paid for with many campaign contributions from outside the constituency. As Open secrets data shows.

In my opinion, it will be easier to buy the politicians back instead of changing the system. A view based on the game is bad but the players are forced to play the game, and the best way to change the outcome is to make changes within the current rules.

Well? Our shall we continue to piss and moan?