New York's First Lady

New York's First Lady by hmerinom

It’s the Fourth, by a few hours. I’m surfing around and stumble over, “Do Republicans own the 4th of July?” When the heaves stopped, I got angry.

I am the son of immigrants.  Less than 1% of our people are “Native American.” Other than that, we are all immigrants. My father’s family came in 1798. They were running from English rule in Ireland. They weren’t welcome everywhere. Maryland was founded by Catholics, and Pennsylvania’s Quakers welcomed all. They found a home. I am the fifth generation born here, but my father never let me forget that this country took his family in when the Crown took their land.

My mother’s family came from Ireland as well. Her grandfather came in 1860. He was greeted with signs at inns saying, “No dogs or Irish allowed.” Businesses in the North East had signs on the gates, “Men Wanted–No Irish Need Apply.” But he stayed, found a job, and bought a farm. And taught his granddaughter how lucky she was to be living here.

Every group has faced hardship coming here. The land can be harsh, the weather brutal. What are major cities were once malarial swamps. The lowest workers on the ladder, either slave or new immigrant, dug the canals and drained the swamps.

If we let the border closers and the “deport ’em all” crowd decide that the poem on the Statue of Liberty is no longer the philosophy of this country. we will have surrendered what made this country unique.

What progress we have made is maddeningly slow. For blacks it is nowhere near acceptable. BUT, we have worked at it. And we need to continue. Too many generations fought all their lives to get us this far.

We cannot let the know-nothings, the racists, the “American Exceptionalists”(their definition) and the flag-draped phonies define OUR country.

May all have a healthy and happy Fourth of July in this, our (still)free nation.