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Straight People are the Ones Who have Screwed up Marriage

I get really perturbed when I hear bigoted straight people make up stories about same-sex marriage to scare those who don't know any better.  They say stupid things that allowing SSM will lead to polygamy, marrying first cousins and even bestiality.  Anyone with half a brain would know that it's pure male bovine manure.

Think about it for a moment.  Massachusetts has had SSM for just under a decade and you don't hear their citizens clambering for the right to marry their 1st cousins or siblings.  That happens in some backward parts in the South, in states that don't recognize SSM.  Canada has had SSM for even longer than Mass, and there is no movement to  legalize polygamy.  That seems to be practiced in closed communities in southern Utah and northern Arizona, and yet neither one of THEM have SSM.  Many European countries have allowed SSM for a long time.  None of them have legalized bestiality.  So, the scare tactics are for those people who can't think for themselves and would believe any crap spewing from the mouths of these bigots.

Straight people are the ones who have done their best to screw up marriage for the last 50 years.  Divorce is at 50% and rising.  Serial monogamy is the hobby of hypocrite politicians and rich playboys who get married so often that they buy engagement rings in bulk.  Even Jesus said something against divorce and remarrying.  Then they have the balls to dump on LGBT people.  They need to clean up their own yard before bitching about others.

But, the desecration of the sanctity of marriage goes even further when straight people are involved.  There is a new show in television called “Love in the Wild,” where loving engaged couples try to survive in the jungle.  Of course, there is the Bachelor and Bachelorette that go out of their way to make love and marriage a stupid game that is played out in front of millions of people.  There are other so-called reality shows that make love a weapon to beat up on people.  When straight people are involved, marriage has little hope of retaining any semblance of dignity.

Maybe we need laws to ban opposite-sex marriages.  Straight people have had their shot at it and failed.  A new paradigm is in order.  Straight people can breed, because we'll need more LGBT people, but they're not allowed to marry.  Seems only right.

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