By Tim Carpenter, PDA National Director

Well, our good friend and National Board Member Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey made it official Monday–she’s stepping down from Congress, after almost two decades of cutting-edge activism on behalf of peace and humanity. She will be missed, because she never wavered in the fight for a more fair and peaceful nation.

Representative Woolsey founded the Out of Iraq Caucus with Rep. Barbara Lee and Rep. Maxine Waters. She served as Co-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. No member of Congress has done more to help build PDA from day one and grow the progressive movement.

Congresswoman Woolsey served on the PDA Advisory Board for years. She did events with us, both in California and outside of it. Lynn Woolsey even donated her own money to us, invoking the Woolsey “shoe theory” of higher finance–making the case that everyone should donate to PDA at least as much as they paid for the pair of shoes they were wearing!

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We will miss our friend, and her staff members, past and present, Nora Matus, Jennifer Goedke, and Wendy Friefeld, who served with generosity and humility. That’s the sad news. The good news is, another good friend of PDA’s, Norman Solomon, is stepping up to run for her now-open seat, in a Northern California district which can be won by a genuine progressive candidate.

Norman Solomon is a personal friend to many of us in PDA. He is an author, anti-nuclear activist, and an antiwar grassroots organizer for his entire life. With Donna Smith, Norman serves as Co-Chair of our “Healthcare NOT Warfare” campaign, and he has done numerous events for PDA through the years. In addition, PDA members from Norman’s district are playing key roles in his campaign, which has already demonstrated its seriousness by raising more than $100,000 before he has to file his first financial report after June 30th.

If you would like to help PDA elect someone who defines what a “better Democrat” truly is, someone who will carry on in the peace and justice spirit that Lynn Woolsey embodied, please give to our “Change Makes Change” program now.

Become a PDA Change Makes Change sustaining partner!

With your help, we can give Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey the best goodbye present possible: A replacement who carries out his duties with the same high standards for peace and justice that she always demonstrated.

Goodbye, Rep. Woolsey, we love you–thanks for everything!

Hello, Norman Solomon–he’s the real deal!


Wishing you a great July 4th weekend!