By PDA National Director Tim Carpenter

With the July 4th holiday upon us, Congress is hoping we won’t be able to muster our troops against the pending Defense Appropriations bill which is coming up for a vote early next week. Let’s prove them wrong.

Please take the action below from our allies at Foreign Policy in Focus. Please add to the message:  If the Lee amendment should fail, you should oppose the entire bill.

On Tuesday, we’ll deliver a letter to the Congressional Progressive Caucus that expresses our support for the People’s Budget, points out that the Defense Appropriations bill is in direct odds with the People’s Budget, and asks the members of the CPC to support an amendment that strikes all funding for continuing the Afghanistan War. To underscore the message you sent–and the letter–please plan to call your rep first thing Tuesday morning.

Find contact info here. Please pass this along.

Other than this very important action, I hope you have a great holiday and find some time to unwind!