Talk about *”getting paid off the top and the bottom”

Let’s walk through this in some more detail, because the caption leaves out the really good part at the end, where the banks evict us from the homes on which they are being made whole by our moneyl

And they charge us big “servicing” fees to throw us on the street.

Remember that at the beginning of this transaction, instead of lendng to the banks at the discount window Bernanke can walk down the block to the treasury and not only will he get the 3% interest (it’s called disntermediation) the interest will go back to the treasury (us) so it’s giving our money away to let the banks get in the middle.

Then, of course, through the miracle of fractional reserve banking, the 100 B we front turns into 500 B we borrow and we add it to our debt ceiling problem so we can give it to the banks.  Now because we are bumping our debt ceiling, we have to cut head start to our kids  and cut taxes to …the bankers.

Am I missing something here, or are you feeling screwed yet?

The best part: All it takes to work the scam is two stooges: One at the Fed (Bernanke), one at Treasury (Geithner).CLASS WAR, Y’ALL

*(ghetto expression describing person middling dope deal, charging commission from both seller and buyer while assuring each that he is working that side for free)