David Pakman will broadcast a special guest on his show that has stories to tell that will curl your hair – Ashton Elijah Pittman, who was an audience member during Hamilton, Alabama- based Pastor Damon Thompson’s outing of gay teens during sermons. From Pittman’s post on the subject, ‘Deliverance from homosexuality:’ How an anti-gay ministry changed my life:

I knew that there were people in that sanctuary that very night who were gay. I knew that there were people there that very night who were lesbian. I knew that there was at least one person in the church that night who was hurting from self-loathing.

But Damon didn’t, or if he did, he didn’t seem to care. There was no love in his heart for the ‘homosexual’ (as he otherwise called them). In some ways, hearing preachers like him constantly talk about ‘homosexuals’ was even worse than hearing him use the word ‘queer;’ while his enunciation of the word ‘queer’ truly dripped with disgust and revulsion, ‘homosexual’ just sounded cold. Scientific. Devoid of humanity.

And that’s exactly how preachers like Damon make gay youth feel – less than human.

The YouTube below is a clip is from tomorrow’s show/podcast of The David Pakman Show.

Thompson is ignoring David’s repeated requests for interviews.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding